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Top 10 Products Useful For Heart

Cardiovascular disease is a huge problem in modern society. Annually from these diseases die millions of people worldwide, and the same number of people become disabled. Our cardiovascular system is labile, it is capable of accumulating all of life's negatives for a long time and at one point it may throw out the negative impact in the form of heart attack, stroke, and other complications. To help the heart and blood vessels function, in order to strengthen the entire cardiovascular system, doctors, together with nutritionists have developed a list of foods that should be eaten regularly to maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Top 10 Products Useful For Heart

Thus, the top 10 products that are useful for the heart are:

1. Olives and olive oil

They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which is essential for the elasticity of blood vessels. Olives help to lower blood pressure, destroying process of thrombi occurrence and prevent oxidative stress.

2. Whole grains

Whole grains contain a significant amount of fiber that it known to lower cholesterol, reduce the likelihood of development of heart attack and stroke. If you regularly eat cereal, you should not worry about heart disease.

3. Oats

Oats are the unique product that reduces cholesterol. It harmoniously combines cellulose, magnesium, manganese, beta - glucan, selenium and a range of vitamins. Oatmeal in the morning is the best breakfast for those who have already faced problems with the cardiovascular system.

4. Green leafy vegetables

Many people underestimate the benefits of green lettuce, dill, parsley and other green vegetables. And in vain! They contribute to the reduction of blood pressure and not allow one to develop Type II diabetes, activate the process of rejuvenating of inner walls of the vessels.

5. Tomatoes

They contain a lot of vitamin C and A, as well as the antioxidant lycopene, which in complex cleave harmful fatty deposits on the walls of vessels.

6. Blueberries

Anthocyanins contained in blueberries, as well as fiber, and plenty of vitamin C, help to cope with the occlusion of vessels. It should be noted that properties of blueberries are the same as the ones of grapes and red wine. If you regularly eat these foods , the body will improve cholesterol metabolism .

7. Apples

Quercetin that is contained in apples, prevents reabsorption and breaks down fats. Apples are good for health in general, so as to stimulate the digestive tract, remove waste products, especially heavy metals.

8. Almonds

Almonds were mostly used in ancient times as a medication. This nut contains a lot of vegetable fats that help to improve the condition of blood vessels, due to cleavage of cholesterol. In addition, almonds are rich in vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, fiber, protein.

9. Soy

Soya is useful for heart as it reduces the level of cholesterol. Doctors recommend eating oatmeal with soy milk for breakfast, but at the same time, limit the usage of salt.

10. Fish

Fatty fish, without a doubt is one of the most important products for heart health. Fish is able to reduce inflammation of the walls of blood vessels, dissolving blood clots and preventing the formation of new ones. Nutritionists recommend that after 45 years one should give up meat in favour of oily fish.

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