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The Products Which Are Harmful For Breakfast

As you know, the breakfast is the most important meal, which affects performance, effectiveness and well-being for the whole day. As a saying goes, "eat breakfast yourself ", while it is assumed that for breakfast you can eat everything, as extra pounds are not gained in the morning, and all that we eat is converted into energy . But is it ?

The Products Which Are Harmful For Breakfast

The most common harmful breakfasts

There are three most common types of irregular breakfast:

  1. Breakfast №1 consists of flakes or muesli.
  2. Breakfast №2 is unbalanced.  For example, it may consist of a sandwich, pastry, meat dishes, all washed down with tea or coffee.
  3. Breakfast №3 - not eating any food or taking just a cup of coffee.

Each of these three types of breakfast is not only wrong , but very harmful to our body. Thus, we consider each of these in more detail.

Muesli or cereal. In principle, the idea is not bad, but all modern cereals and muesli are handled in a special way so that they are not cooked, but just filled with warm milk or water. When prepared, it undergoes almost complete destruction of the fiber and vitamins. Left are just light carbohydrates that are low-calorie, non-nutritive, but do not contain any useful materials for the body. A great alternative to this breakfast is cooked porridge.

Unbalanced meal in the morning. The biggest drawback to this breakfast is that after an hour and a half, the person starts to feel terrible famine. In fact the nutritive sandwich in conjunction with a cup of coffee or sweet tea raises blood sugar,then  insulin is produced in high doses, consequently increasing appetite. Thus, for lunch appetite increases and the desire to eat everything that falls on the table arises. 

A cup of coffee or no breakfast. From the point of view of medicine and nutrition, this breakfast option is the worst , as the man can get from three to eight pounds overweight in the year of such eating. It should also be remembered that if a person does not take food for twelve hours , there is a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to serious illness.

What foods should not be eaten in the morning

Nutritionists and doctors strongly recommend avoiding the following products in the morning:

  • Sugar. Sugar is absorbed by the body very quickly, even the one that is part of the sweets, confectionery and even sweet fruit. Therefore, instead of the morning cheerfulness person feels weak or tired.
  • Coffee. Thus drink consumed on an empty stomach only irritates and contributes to the development of gastritis .
  • Yogurt. In fact, yogurt or kefir is not harmful, but in the morning it is of no use, because the bacteria that enters the body along with milk products should facilitate digestion, and if the digestion is not there in the morning, then there is nothing to be absorbed.
  • Pastries and yeast cakes. Any baking, especially yeast, promotes bloating, gas generation, hence leads to poor state of health and lack of vitality.
  • Citrus.Drinking juice from citrus for people with moming acidity is prohibited, since it only irritates the digestive tract. But the glass of juice or one orange will not hurt.
  • Pears. These fruits contain a strong fiber, which can damage an empty stomach.
  • Persimmon. Persimmon contains a large amount of coarse fibers, which are difficult to digest, so in the morning it is not desirable.
  • Cold food and drinks. In the morning, cold food or drinks are  not desirable, as they provoke the development of cholecystitis.

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