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Dried Fuits: Benefits And Harms

Dried fruits are important part of the diet for those who really care about their health and want their food to be really helpful.

Dried Fuits: Benefits And Harms

The main feature of dried fruits is that they retain almost all the useful properties, which contain fresh fruit. Because of this, we all have the opportunity to receive the necessary vitamins not only in summer but also in winter. However, we should not forget about the fact that dried fruits is a concentrated product you want to eat very carefully and sparingly.

It is best not to eat dried fruits in a pure form, but use them to prepare delicious compote, add to them oatmeal or have them carefully grind with honey.

How useful are dried fruit?

  • Dried apricots helps strengthen the vision and will be very useful in prophylaxis of anemia.
  • Raisins and prunes are recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, helping to raise hemoglobin.
  • Dried pineapple is a perfect diet fruit that helps to get rid of excess weight.
  • Figs improve the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Dried pears and apples have a therapeutic effect on the kidneys and liver, help with gastritis and other stomach disorders.

You will ask if any dried fruit may cause harm to the body? And the answer will be - yes, that's possible. Any dried fruit is chemically treated, which means that its choice should be approached very carefully.

What you should look for when choosing dried fruits?

Color. If the color of dried fruits is too bright, it can mean only that before packing fruit were treated with a special chemical composition, which gave them gloss. But such fruit, unfortunately, has lost all its useful qualities. Moreover,most likely, they now contain harmful chemicals, which are better not to consume.

Taste. Too sweet taste of dried fruit can usually be caused by the fact that the fruits were dried artificially with a gas or gasoline furnace. At the same time, during the drying process, quite dangerous substances, toxins and carcinogens could get inside of the fetus, which gave the fruit the same sweet taste.

Excessive softness. To make the dried fruit softer, it is often soaked in, glycerine or low quality vegetable oil. Remains of glycerol and carcinogens oils are absorbed into the fruit, and it also makes the dried fruit an extremely harmful product.

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