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​A 'Tomato Pill' Might Restore Blood Flow

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The Mediterranean diet, that consists mainly of fruits, veggies and olive oil, was proven to boost health of the heart. Tomatoes, specifically, include an ingredient which could help fight with heart issues.

A 'Tomato Pill' Might Restore Blood Flow

Lycopene For The Win

Tomatoes, that are a common staple in such meals are rich in lycopene. As a strong antioxidant, lycopene is considered to create an antiinflammatory effect.

Lately, scientists found that vessel function might be boosted with a lycopene supplement in individuals with cardiovascular disease.

Doctor Joseph Cheriyan, a consultant clinical pharmacologist and doctor and Associate Lecturer and colleagues examined the effect on patients.

Over the course 36 cardiovascular disease patients and 36 healthy ones received either a day-to-day 7-milligram lycopene dose (brand name Ateronon) or placebo (mock nutritional supplement). Even though the heart patients were additionally taking statins to lower the cholesterol, they had reduced endothelium (the lining) compared to healthy group.

Scientists measured vessel function in such participants through the flow of the blood in the forearm, a method used to assess endothelium well-being and find cardiovascular risk.

Results Of The Study

These researchers found that endothelial function had enhanced or normalized, while the supplement seemed to don't have any effect.

Heart patients experienced a vessel widening compared to the measure from the start of the study. Lycopene, nevertheless, had no effect on arterial rigidity, blood pressure or amounts of lipids.

The researchers've demonstrated rather certainly that lycopene enhances the function of arteries in those with cardiovascular disease. It strengthens the importance of a healthful diet in individuals with danger of cardiovascular disease or stroke. A day-to-day 'tomato pill' isn't a replacement but may provide advantages that are added when taken with the other drug. Nevertheless, the researchers cannot reply if this can reduce the heart disease -- this needs much bigger trials to inquire consequences more attentively."

Why Lycopene?

Lycopene, that provides the red color of tomatoes, is a carotenoid that's additionally found in palm oil, pink grapefruit, guava, apricots, guava juice. As antioxidant, lycopene can counteract harmful oxidation effects, a process which occurs in body tissue. Vitamin E is one more antioxidant that is strong, but lycopene can be as much as 10 times stronger than E vitamin, according to the studies.

Preceding studies have linked consumption of foods rich in lycopene into a decreased risk of macular degeneration, cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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