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Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine in the rating of the healthiest cuisines in the world was not the winner, but to not talk about it, about its national features, it is simply impossible. It has evolved over the centuries and has a close relationship with the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people. By law, this cuisine is considered the richest among the cuisines of the Slavic peoples, known by a wide variety of dishes.

Ukrainian Cuisine

How Ukrainians Cook

The typical feature of Ukrainian cuisine is a combined method of heat treatment of meat and vegetables using sunflower oil or not. After this so-called "Ukrainian frying" is made boiling, stewing, baking in the oven. Determining factor for each traditional cuisine is a place where it is being prepared. Such a traditional place in Ukraine was a stove closed. Today, it is replaced with an oven, built-in gas stove. Therefore, in the Ukrainian tradition preserved machinery extinguishing baking, cooking. After fishing even the Cossacks tried to cook fish yushka soup (broth), while the Germans would deal with fried fish.

Traditions of Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainians historically borrowed some culinary techniques from close neighbors, partly changing recipes, adapting them to their own taste. Popular among Ukrainians sauerkraut and sausage is of Polish origin. Method of frying foods in oil has Turkic roots. This method has been converted into cooking vegetables for cooking traditional borscht and second courses. The idea of cooking cabbage and dumplings was borrowed from the Turks. Recipes of cakes, cheesecakes, breaded meat, believed to have been brought from the Austro-Hung. Hungarians came and the use of paprika. German influence is felt in the dish "Sicenica" (patties of minced meat, vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and other ingredients). Thus, Ukrainian cuisine has a rich history based on the influence of cuisines of neighboring nations: Russian, Polish, Turkish and others. Nevertheless, the modern Ukrainian cuisine is not like any of the above. It differs from all known in the world and its colorful identity.

Meat and Vegetables

in Ukraine, the most common meat is pork than beef, which is characteristic of Russian cuisine or mutton for Tatar. Domestic animals have long been working oxen. Their meat is soft and less tasty than meat pigs. In addition, beef was considered less "clean" meat than pork. Especially tasty homemade Ukrainian sausage. Keep them long way: in ceramic containers filled with melted lard.

Favourite Potato

Main crops in Ukraine are: potatoes, sugar beets, onions, cabbage. These vegetables have the basic ingredients of salads and soups. Potatoes became widespread in the XVIII century. This vegetable, though not become "second bread", which is the Belarus, potatoes have popular love among Ukrainians. Use it in the preparation of the first, second dishes and as a garnish for meat, fish dishes. In addition, potato starch producing steel needed for the preparation of jelly and various sweet dishes.

Oil and Seasonings

Besides vegetables and meat in Ukraine eat all kinds of fruits, berries and dairy products. The main source of unsaturated fat is sunflower oil. Ukrainians are especially fond of them filling salads. Of hot spices in the course of mustard, horseradish, garlic, onion, red and black pepper.

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