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​Spanish cuisine

Among the healthiest in the world are the South European residents, including residents of Spain. People living in these regions, consume large amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, olive oil, red wine (taken moderately). All of these products reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even cancer. The risk of such diseases is lower here than in other Western countries, including the United States.

Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is very healthy. It can enrich the diet and improve the health by following the dietary recommendations of the Italians.

Lots of Fresh Vegetables and Fish

Eating fresh vegetables greatly benefits the human health. Using them eaten raw or lightly cooked enriches diet with the source of antioxidants. Such food is the main tool in the fight against disease and aging. Fresh vegetables are very important for a healthy diet as rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Large quantities of dishes in Spain use fresh fruit, including vitamin C rich citrus. Thanks to fruits and vegetables in Spain there is a low percentage of stroke and diseases associated with obesity.

As you know, fish is rich in omega-3, which promote healthy brain and provide the body with the arrival of good cholesterol. Spaniards used to eat only those fats that do not lead to the development of heart disease.

Olive Oil and a Little Wine

For cooking Spaniards use mainly olive oil. Regular use reduces the chances of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer. The use of olive oil supports normal blood pressure, preventing it from increasing.

Spaniards like red wine, but moderately. The benefits of drinking red wine include: increased levels of good cholesterol, improve heart health. Wine is the source of a large amount of antioxidants.

Spices and Typical Spanish Dishes

Tasty Sauces

Obvious influence on the Spanish Muslim cuisine. Spaniards skillfully used spices in creating tasty sauces. Spices consumption plays an important role in reducing the risk of obesity. For example, in other countries, sweet foods and unhealthy, high-calorie sauces contribute to the high risk of heart disease system, stroke, and diseases associated with obesity.

Omelette, meat, rice, cheese ...

Typical dishes are: potato omelette, stew, paella (rice with olive oil), migas (bread made from residues), soups, a variety of dishes based on beans. Spaniards love bread, cheese and sausages.

This is healthy!

Health Benefits of Spanish cuisine are obvious. They are associated with the use of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, spices and olive oil. 

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