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​French Cuisine

French are renowned for their culinary talent and their cuisine is considered one of the most diverse and beautiful in the world. For centuries, French cuisine has been considered an elite European. But people today are beginning to understand that the French diet is far from perfect.

French Cuisine

French Wine

Confirmation of French cuisine being healthy was found, when we discovered that some red French wine, consumed moderately, has antioxidant properties. Scientists have discovered and enhanced utility of some products, such as French beans.

Regional Features

Each region of France has its own lists of ingredients and recipes. Despite multiple destinations unifying factor of the French cuisine is the attention to details, which is important for cooking. French diet philosophy: good food requires effort, time and the best ingredients.

French Gourmets

French are gourmets. They know that the best food - is the one that consists of fresh local produce with better quality. The food is made from local ingredients and traditional recipes. Thus, the need to enjoy the dishes depending on the region of residence.

  • On the Mediterranean coast herbs are widely used, along with olive oil and tomatoes. In the north-west of France sour cream, butter and apples are used in the dishes. The kitchen of northeast France (Alsace, Lorraine) is strongly influenced by German culture. Here you can see the sauerkraut and beer.
  • In the southern regions, due to the favorable climate, widely used are fruits and vegetables. On the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic more seafood is eaten, while in more remote areas (eg the Loire valley) freshwater fish is more popular.
  • Widespread custom in France is to take a two-hour lunch break. Therefore we can succeed in enjoying French dishes at home, in a restaurant or cafe.

Frenchmen love fish and meat and dairy products. In this country there are more than a thousand kinds of cheeses. Of unusual delicacies are served frogs legs, horse meat, snails. French cuisine emphasis placed on products made with white flour: croissants, pastries and bread.

French Diet

French diet is not the healthiest in the world, however, one of the most delicious. The food choice is so wide that everyone can choose food according to theirtaste and own ideas about healthy eating. 

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