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​Chinese Cuisine

Eating in China occupies an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese, no matter what social background it has, likes to eat, so cooking here is a complex art. One of the most popular products in China is rice. Popular here are also the traditional noodles, which come in various shapes, textures and sizes. Widely used are vegetables (especially Chinese cabbage, spinach), wheat flour, soy, tofu. Most popular condiments are: soy, rice and fish sauces.

Chinese Cuisine

Vegetables As Key Ingredients

Most Chinese men and women can boast of harmony and lack of cardiovascular disease. This is explained by the consumption of vegetables in large quantities. In China, an agrarian country, there is a respect for the earth. Here the food is prepared carefully, whether intricate cake or salad. Chinese always try to make fragrant and tasty dishes. The locals are so scrupulous that the second time the food is heated it is unacceptable for them. Entree soup - very important in the Chinese diet. Across the country, popular are soups with dumplings, noodles. It also includes hot dishes: corn and rice porridge, soybean curd filler.

Customs and Traditions Of Eating

Chinese like to eat for a long time. Meal for them is not just satisfaction of hunger, it’s a ritual, which aims to express the friendly attitude to all participants to join a meal together. Chinese have long been eager to collectivism. Contributing to the sense of community are the round tables, dishes and bowls around that symbolize perfection, friendliness and union. Dishes with food placed in the center of the table for all participants to be convenient to take them. In all honesty, hot pot brings the atmosphere of unity and harmony. It is a tradition in China went there together.

Integral Part of Chinese life - The Green Tea

An integral part of the traditions of Chinese life is the tea. Chinese first opened leaf tea and since this tonic thirst-quenching drink has been popular there. Green tea has many medicinal properties for the body, for example, improves digestion, detoxifies, soothes hunger, helps fight free radicals that cause heart disease and cancer.

Color, Aroma, Taste

Chinese cuisine is based on three main characteristics: color, aroma and taste. These three pillars of dishes of this cuisine is not only very tasty and healthy. Sometimes they are a work of art.

One of the basic principles of cooking Chinese dishes is harmonious, bright color. To this end, the ingredients are added with two or three colors.

Great importance China has the flavor of dishes. Typically used in food spices such as cinnamon, anise seeds prickly ash Chinese, sesame oil, chili, garlic, onion, ginger.

Taste - is a "soul" of the Chinese dishes. Cooks use spices in a different sequence and volume to create taste sensations of a particular cuisine. 

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