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​Singaporean Cuisine

Cuisine of Singapore is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. This city has rapidly became one of the fastest growing in Asia. It is famous for the best food in Southeast Asia. Multiracial Singapore (traders and settlers from India, China, Malaysia) has contributed to the creation of the local cuisine, which combines all the best traditions of various Asian cultures.

Singaporean Cuisine

Perception Of Singaporean Cuisine

Island nation Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, between Indonesia and Malaysia. Traditional Singaporean cuisine is presented with rich culinary traditions of many nationalities that make up the population of Singapore. Here are popular Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, English, some Portuguese dishes and ingredients.

Local cuisine combines great taste and health benefits. No wonder the percentage of obese people in this country is very small: 1.8%. The average life expectancy of Singaporeans is 82 years.

How the Food Is Perceived In Singapore

Locals perceive food very seriously. The food is a frequent topic of conversation. Food is seen as a cultural and unifying element that is crucial for national identity. Since Singapore is a multinational state, there are different religions and dietary directions. Hindus, for example, do not eat beef and Muslims - pork. There is also a group of vegetarians. Representatives of various communities often eat together, choosing food that is acceptable to all cultures.

Singapore is full of restaurants. Locals love dining out which is available to many residents of the city - state. Wide choice of dishes and a wide range of prices, given any budget at any time of the day and year, allows Singapore to be called a real "food paradise" for all comers.

Most food is imported into Singapore, as it is a large country with a high population density. The land here is a scarce resource. Thanks to the convenient geographical location Singapore can import various foods from around the world.

Features Of the National Diet

Cooking in Singapore is often time consuming and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Particular attention is paid to the combination of spices: turmeric, ginger, chili, galangal, aromatic leaves, shallots. Interestingly, for the preparation of savory dishes often different fruits are used: green mango, lemon, carambola, tamarind.

Widely used is a combination of seafood and rice. Meals are cooked on a grill often or barbecue. In Singapore, you can try a lot of traditional, distinctive dishes, such as fish in coconut milk, Singapore crab, fried with spices, herbs, wrapped in banana leaves and many others.

A great way to finish dinner Singapore are tropical fruits. What is surprising is that in this country desserts are such useful, nutritious foods, such as: coconut milk, sweet potatoes, rice. 

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