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​The Most Healthy Cuisines Of the World

In accordance with a study on the life expectancy of people, "Forbes" magazine published a list of the ten most healthy cuisines. Japan topped the list, where life expectancy is 82 years.

The Most Healthy Cuisines Of the World

1. Japan

No secret that the citizens of the country of the Rising Sun has always been famous not only for the good health, but harmony. In Japan, it is practically impossible to meet people who are overweight and, according to nutritionists, the main reason for this phenomenon lies in the eating habits. Japanese daily diet consists of large amounts of seafood, marine fish and high-quality soy sauce. In addition, the plate always has fresh vegetables - zucchini, cabbage, broccoli. Nor should we underestimate the culture and education, from early childhood kids are taught with the main Japanese rule - always leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

2. Singapore

In Singapore, the average life expectancy is approximately the same as in Japan, but the kitchen has some differences. Staple food is rice, which is eaten in Singapore in large numbers, it is taking about 80% of the diet. Apart from rice, a lot of Singaporeans consume a variety of vegetables and tropical fruits, eat very little meat and fish. This way of eating, it is clearly does not promote excess weight, so the number of people suffering from this disease is extremely small - about 1.8%.

3. China

Chinese cuisine is famous for "sparing" thermal treatment. Indeed most of the dishes here are prepared either steamed or stewed, extremely rare to find fried dishes. In Chinese food there are large amounts of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes. Literally every dish you can find has ginger and garlic, sweet smells of rich. Napa cabbage and soybeans also constitute the lion's share of the daily diet. Obviously, such a diet combined with a rather nomadic way of life contributes to obesity, so in China, less than 1.5% of people are overweight. The average life expectancy in this country is 73 years.

4. Sweden

Life expectancy in Sweden is about 81 years, but the big role is played by a high level of medical care. Menu of Swedes has plenty of dairy products, various kinds of bread, fish and berries. Swedes eat little fruit and vegetables, perhaps for this reason there are many people who are overweight, about 11%.


As in Sweden, French life expectancy 81 years. French cuisine has a large amount of high-calorie baked goods such as croissants, baguettes and other pastries, fatty cheeses and chocolate. But, despite this, the majority of French people are not likely to be overweight, perhaps, the secret lies in the fact that a traditional French table has no snacks, and the portions are so small that the extra calories just do not get in. Obesity here affects about 6.6% of the population, that for a country with a fairly high level of development is not much at all.

6. Italy

Unlike traditional worldwide opinion that in Italy portions are huge and high-calorie dishes so that the calorie count even becomes scary, traditional Italian cuisine has a significant difference. Italians eat a little, but their daily diet consists of lots of vegetables and fruits, legumes, and sometimes fish, pasta that the Italians prefer exclusively from durum wheat. The daily diet of the average Italian necessarily includes a large number of high-quality olive oil, which is famous for the unsaturated fatty acids. The average life expectancy in Italy is 80 years, and the percentage of people who are overweight - 13%

7. Spain

Spanish cuisine, as well as the entire Mediterranean is very healthy because it is based on vegetables, seafood and olive oil. In Spain, people eat food legumes, citrus fruits and various nuts, including almonds, which is known for its beneficial qualities. Most often stewed or boiled dishes, very little fried. The average life expectancy - 82 years old, 16% of the population is obese.

8. South Korea

Koreans live on average 79 years. Korean cuisine is known for a lot of products that are low in fat - noodles, vegetables, fish, tofu - the main components of the diet. Koreans also use a lot of pickled vegetables, and a lot of different spices. Unusual here to eat meat, such as beef, in Korea it’s eaten only on major holidays and usually is cooked on the grill. About 10% of the population of South Korea is obese.

9. Israel

InIsraeli cuisine in the vast majority of dishes present extremely useful products. In the food here use a lot of vegetables and fruits, very popular are eggplant, legumes, beans, almost any dish seasoned with olive oil and lots of spices and a variety of herbs. The average life expectancy - 81. Percentage of the population who are overweight - 24%.

10. Greece

Keeping with the trend of recent years, in Greece more than 25% of the population is obese, but, according to nutritionists, no reason to blame the traditional Greek cuisine, but a popular fast food now. Greek cuisine is famous for a lot of legumes, grains, sea fish and seafood, as well as a huge amount of vegetables and fruits. Life expectancy in Greece is eighty years. 

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