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​What Is the Resort and What it Can Offer?

Today many are well aware that regular attendance resorts allow to improve the quality and duration of life very much. The statistics speak for themselves: holding the annual courses of spa treatment increases the average life expectancy to 10-15 years, reduces the incidence of 2.8 times. But how to make the right choice?

Every year more than 50 million. enjoy the healing waters in wellness and spa centers, restore health to medical resorts, both in Russia and abroad. Currently wellness or spa resort is becoming increasingly popular form of tourism, attracting more and more people.

What Is the Resort and What it Can Offer?

The PMM Rule

The main reason for such a trip is to maintain or increase the potential health, prevent the worsening of existing diseases to be tested in clinics, escape from the busy life in the metropolis. In ancient Chinese medicine it has been believed that the success of treatment must be the basic rule of "PMM": place, moment and method.

This rule applies to the spa treatment and rehabilitation: Place - Resort, Moment - period of improvement or remission, Method - a whole arsenal natural therapies and modern medical advances.

Species can be distinguished as:

• Wellness and SPA tourism

• Improvement in the resorts (health tourism)

• Medical tourism

Concepts of "wellness and spa tourism" and "health tourism" are closely intertwined, but in each case they have their own characteristics that complement each other.

Spa Tourism

Spa tourism is a lifestyle dominated by excellent health, maintaining good physical and mental shape to pleasure (the word «Wellness» came from a combination of «fitness» + «well- being »). In this direction, it offers programs such as "Relax", "Antistress", "Skin and body care", "Correction of figure", "Thalassotherapy", etc. But the "wellness program" is closely associated with the use of spa treatments, in fact SPA is translated as «sanitas per aquam» - meaning "health through water", which gives even greater variety in the application.

SPA resorts and SPA hotels is a whole world of different procedures, not only for the body and soul, but also for health in general. Most often, the resort has a large swimming complex built on the site of thermal and mineral springs, combined with the "World of saunas and baths" and the medical center, where the whole set of procedures is held. But some hotels also have the spas. The spa resort built for the application of procedures of thermal and mineral and mud springs in combination with a variety of other procedures.

Usually resort spas are located in luxurious hotels and offer special programs or procedures that customers can buy on the spot. You can also select some programs that may be offered at the resort or hotel, but require special medical skills and knowledge: body cleansing (detoxification programs), skin rejuvenation using various components, rehabilitation, age-related problems, a special weight-loss program (fasting), the thalassotherapy program using seafood, a variety of exotic treatments with various oriental techniques, Ayurvedic treatments.

Health Tourism

Treatment and rehabilitation at health resorts (health tourism) is usually more serious and complex when pre-designed treatment programs are aimed at solving certain health problems, and all the procedures prescribed by the doctor-balneologists (rehabilitator) only after the obligatory medical advice. In this case, treatments at the resort or the hotel contribute to the prevention of further development of disease; treatment and prevention of diseases using natural healing special climatic factors (climate, mineral and thermal waters, curative mineral mud, sea bathing, salt springs, physical therapy, and other special techniques); general improvement and rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries.

Important principle of spa treatment is it’s complexity - use of a variety of natural healing factors in combination with physical therapy, diet therapy, local drug and special means and methods, as well as change of pace, especially natural environment and landscape resorts. Therefore, traveling to the resort is a change of scenery, and the weight of the proposed procedures, which simply needs to get in the complex, it is the main distinguishing feature of the resort from a hike in the regular clinic.

Separate area of medical tourism is rehabilitation and treatment in hospitals,where it is possible to pass rapid diagnosis (program check-up), to confirm or refute the diagnosis of an existing, high-quality treatment to get the most modern equipment, seek advice and treatment from the most renowned medical specialists with a worldwide reputation in a particular field of medicine. 

Healthcare system is one of the European countries of the most effective, serving an extensive choice of medical services using high quality technical equipment, modern and advanced methods of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as high levels of domestic service and constant supervision of medical staff. Clinics are located in both cities, and the famous resorts, which again helps to ensure that customers have the opportunity to combine business stay in the clinic with a pleasant pastime in the spa. 

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