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Properties And Use Of Beewax In Cosmetology

Beeswax is one of the essential components used in modern cosmetics, which is a granular substance of a dark yellow or light yellow. Beeswax bees produce during their life and are used for the construction of cells which are sealed honey. It is important to understand that the wax can not be dissolved in glycerin, cold water or alcohol. In the manufacture of cosmetic products based on beeswax, it is mixed with paraffin, hot alcohol, turpentine, essential oil or any conventional vegetable oil.

Properties And Use Of Beewax In Cosmetology

Beeswax: consumption

Beeswax has a unique structure, which includes more than fifty different compounds and about three hundred chemical substances, approximately three-quarters of which are esters. The wax composition in large quantities include:

  • Oleic acid.
  • Cerotic acid.
  • Montaninovaya acid.
  • Montaninovy alcohol.
  • Neotserilovy alcohol.
  • The fatty acids in a large amount, which deeply penetrate into the skin and hydrate it, and also contribute to the process of regeneration.
  • Vitamin A - which is considered beauty vitamin because it helps to restore the intercellular junctions in the epidermis, heals wounds and smoothes the skin.

The use of beeswax in cosmetics

Beeswax has a wide range of medicinal properties. It is used in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases, such as sciatica, sinusitis and many others. Equally its wide use in cosmetology, wherein beeswax is used as an industrial scale for the production of agents for skin care and in the home for making various masks, creams, soaps.

Home unique property of the wax is that it does not clog the pores, thus, very slowly absorbed. Due to the large number of esters, which are included in its composition, the wax creates an oxygen barrier for the skin, but only the security, that is, the skin can breathe, thus, it is protected from the negative impact of external factors.

Cosmetics based on beeswax have the following properties :

  • Relieves inflammation.
  • Eliminate black spots and acne.
  • removes harmful toxins.
  • Display the allergens.
  • tones and tightens the skin.
  • Softens the skin (it will melt soft and velvety).
  • Speed up the metabolic processes in the skin.
  • Adjust the water balance.
  • Promotes rapid recovery.

In which cosmetics is beeswax used

Due to its unique composition, beeswax can be used in cosmetics, not only as a component of the caregiver, but also as a natural preservative. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of mascara, lipstick, balms, masks, lotions, creams.

Beeswax - a natural moisturizer, it can act as a stabilizer of the various ingredients. As a natural emulsifier, it helps keep the water-lipid emulsion is homogeneous.

In cosmetology beeswax can be used as a part of various caregiver resources, and independently, without additives. Just before using the wax needs to be done to test the reaction of skin as bee products in some people cause severe allergies.

How to choose beeswax

If you want to try to use a beeswax for making creams and masks in the home, you need to learn how to choose a quality product. Thus, to select good quality wax must focus on the following aspects:

  • Color - most wax is contained in the light colored fresh cells from 85 to 100%. The old cell, dark, they contain only 60% of wax.
  • The smell - beeswax honey and propolis has a smell that with nothing to confuse.
  • Stickiness - to make sure that the wax of natural origin, it is necessary to chew a small piece. This wax is never sticks to your teeth.
  • Flexibility and how - impact beeswax is easily chipped off, and when kneading warm hands, becomes plastic.

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