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7 Habits Harmful For Appearance

We all know that there are healthy and unhealthy habits. Healthy ones include the habit of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach, do morning exercises, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Bad habits  include smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diets and so on. But few people think that there is a habit that can not be considered harmful or helpful, but they can significantly damage the appearance.

7 Habits Harmful For Appearance

Here are 7 habits that spoil the appearance:

A habit №1: Frowning and using active facial expressions

When a person is constantly actively uses mimicry, of course, his speech becomes more emotional, memorable, bright. But this habit provokes early wrinkles. Even some teens already have wrinkles.

How to overcome the habit: The only way to amass a early wrinkles - is a hard self-control. During his facial expression is necessary to monitor continuously for at least the first 6-9 months, until it becomes a habit. But there is an alternative to self-control - Botox injections that paralyze the muscles work for a few months, for which the habit frown, frowning, and so on, will go by itself.

The habit №2: Reading when lying

all remember from childhood, parents were forbidden to read lying down, because it can ruin vision. It turns out that not only can ruin vision of the habit, but the skin on his neck. Inconvenient recumbency with the book provokes wrinkles on his neck, and as the skin in this place especially dry and sweet, something of such wrinkles then it will be very difficult to get rid of.

How to get rid of: Massage the neck can not be done, because there is the thyroid gland, for this reason, it is impossible to chop and Botox. Only one way - never to read lying down.

The habit №3: Squeezing pimples

mechanical cleaning of the face - is one of the beauty treatments in the beauty salon. But we must remember that not everyone she comes, the more you can not do it alone. Firstly, there is a risk of contamination. Secondly injured normal tissues, thus provoking more sebum, which will normalize very hard. Third, the site of one of the extruded pimple may appear two or three new ones.

How to get rid: Consult a beautician, adjust the diet, not to eat foods that cause an allergic reaction.

The habit №4: Constantly touching face with your hands

Shore cheeks, nose or pull chin, something constantly pick on the face - this is one of the most common bad habits. Firstly, such a habit provokes new wrinkles, secondly, the risk of infection, because the hand during the day are not always clean.

How to get rid of it: Just control yourself!

Habit №5: Biting lips

wounds and cracks on the lips become favorable environment for pathogenic organisms. In addition, these lips do not look aesthetically pleasing, but it is very difficult to hide the defects even with concealers and makeup.

How to get rid: The same rigid self-control, plus the constant use of decorative lipstick painted lips biting because not very nice.

The habit №6: Nail biting

People who constantly bite their nails, are subject to stress, suffer increased anxiety, and in general, poorly balanced. Nail plate in such people looks very sorry - sores, bumps, rough edges.

How to get rid: There are several ways one can choose the one that fits him best. Go a few times a salon and make a beautiful manicure that will pity to spoil. Increase the gel or acrylic nails that are not so easy to "gnawing." Buy a special agent for the nails, which has a bitter taste or visit a therapist who will find the cause of the nervousness and help get rid of it.

The habit №7: Placing one leg over another one

Such a habit common to many people, especially those who work in the office. But the biggest drawback to sit leg to leg is that there is an infringement of outflow of venous blood, which leads to varicose veins, as well as the stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. Sooner or later, such a habit will lead to diseases of the pelvic organs, which is especially important for women.

How to get rid: Fight fire with fire. You can change this bad habit to another, but useful. To do this, buy a chair that is extremely convenient for you, and at the first opportunity to rest not to throw his legs and lifted his legs higher, for example, on the stand, arm of the couch, chairs and so on. For this habit of your feet will thank you, and you will forget about the habit to throw his legs.

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