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Age-Related Changes Of Face

The aging process is affected by gravity to a great extent, so the years are beginning to go down the corners of the mouth, eyes, changing the contour of the oval face, is the formation of so-called "bulldog cheeks."

Bulldog cheeks are skin ptosis (drooping of the skin), as a result of then, the deformation of the natural oval face, the lower part becomes severe, and the person visually looks older.

Age-Related Changes Of Face

Causes of age-related changes of face

theover the years the skin becomes weak frame, so the omission of the soft tissues occurs. Typically, this process begins at the age of 30-35 years, when the significantly reduced collagen and elastin production, as a result, there is a weakening of ligaments that hold the subcutaneous fat.

If we add the natural process of gravity, there is an undulating "spreading" the face contour This process is called ptosis of soft tissues.

The degree of ptosis of soft tissues

There are three main degrees of gravitational ptosis of soft tissues:

  • first degree or starting. To this extent, the characteristic is the appearance of folds of the upper eyelid, which is visible only when the eyes are open, the formation of bags under the eyes which arise as a result of weakening of the circular muscles of the eye. After a while, it starts to flatten the curve of the eyebrows, visually seen drooping upper and lower eyelids. Drooping corners of the mouth also becomes moderately noticeable clarity broken contours of the lower jaw, so the lower part of the face loses its former path.
  • Second degree ptosis. In addition to all the features of the first degree, which become even more pronounced, there is a change of the skin, there are wrinkles on the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows are clearly visible "crow's feet" wrinkles fall of the upper eyelid and outer corners of the eyes. Well-formed bags under his eyes, the nasolacrimal groove becomes highly visible, soft tissues of the nasolabial fold shift, internal fat layer as it were sliding down, thus changing the contour of the face. The same processes occur in the neck.
  • The third degree of ptosis of theskin.In addition to the above signs, which further exacerbated the skin becomes thinner, changes shape of the face, wrinkles become deeper. Most often, the beginning of the third degree comes to 50-55 years.

The methods of correction of age changes of face shapes

There are many ways to rejuvenate, which offers a modern aesthetic medicine. Fight with the gravitational ptosis help conservative techniques and plastic surgery. By conservative procedures include:

  • facial massage.
  • Fractional photothermolysis.
  • Microcurrent therapy.
  • Hardware skin tightening procedures.
  • Various peelings.
  • Contour with injections of hyaluronic acid.
  • Botox injections.

Surgical methods of dealing with the gravitational ptosis, mainly used in the third stage, and These include:

  • Surgical lift of facial contours (circular).
  • Blepharoplasts (Eyelid Surgery).
  • Platizmoplastics (tightening of the skin of the neck).

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