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Is Eyelash Extension Harmful?

Long, thick eyelashes are a pride for any woman, but for some of us nature endowed these indisputable advantage and for others - it did not. What do you do if the eyelashes are not too long and do not differ with their density? Of course, you can use high-quality ink that will give the missing volume and length, but modern technology offers another way - professional eyelash.

Is Eyelas Extension Harmful?

Is it harmful to increase eyelashes?

Without a doubt, the extended eyelashes, if the procedure is performed qualitatively have a lot of advantages - you can always look fine even without makeup. But whether or not this procedure is safe for health?

Most beauty salons claim that nothing dangerous in eyelash not. A little patience and financial investments in the next three weeks you will be able to look your best, even in the pool. And three weeks later will have to wait a little and make the correction. But before you decide on this cosmetic procedure, you should consider some of the nuances, which will be the starting point in the decision. So, what are the negative aspects can wait with eyelash:

Allergic reactions

in many people have a tendency to allergies, researchers claim that to blame the environment and some unscrupulous manufacturers of cosmetics. If you have ever had an allergy to the ink or pencil for age, you are at risk. Adhesive whereby increasing eyelash contains some resins that may cause a negative reaction in the form of irritation. But if the adhesive quality, for most people it is harmless.

To find out whether there is a reaction to the glue buildup should be carried out from the outer edge of the eyelid. Typically, allergy reaction appears after 10-15 minutes. If not, the procedure can be continued.

Eyelashes thin and brittle

eyelashes If very thin and begin to break even from slight touch, build lashes is not recommended. Artificial hair - this is an additional burden on your own eyelashes, they can not survive. In this case, the process would be inefficient. But if every day for a month to strengthen their eyelashes using castor or burdock oil, the situation may change, eyelashes will become stronger and more dense, and it is likely that capacity is not required.

The skin is too dry eyelids

If the skin is too dry century, it is necessary to moisturize often and nourish. The funds are part of the creams, destroying the glue, and extended eyelashes very soon cease to hold. However, if the only use for humidifying water-based cream, it radically alters the situation.


Women who wear contact lenses constantly, can not build up the eyelashes for long term. To remove and put on the lens, it is necessary to use a special solution that Deplete the glue, and frequent mechanical effects are not conducive to long-term use of artificial eyelashes. The output can be read or abandon the lenses in favor points, or abandon the artificial eyelashes.

Eye Disorders

sensitive eyes, which are often inflamed or blush, frequent conjunctivitis and other eye diseases - a direct contraindication for Eyelash. Between health and beauty still reasonable to choose health.

Oily skin century

If the skin age refers to fatty type, then there is the intensive production of sebum, which dissolves the glue, then extended eyelashes will not hold for long. But, in this case, you lose only the money spent on the procedure, as eyelash least harmful to those who have oily skin. If the wizard warn about the type of skin, it can pick up more resistant glue, and possibly artificial eyelashes last longer.

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