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7 Most Popular Myths About Beauty

The theme of beauty is always a topic of interest for people. Since ancient times, people have tried to discern some points that would help to become more attractive to fix what nature has grnated them with, without due diligence. In connection with this beauty became overgrown with all sorts of myths and superstitions, some of which are considered popular nowadays.

7 Most Popular Myths About Beauty

Myth №1: Shaving to the bold head will contribute to thicker and beautiful hair

As part of this myth still exists assertion that the hair will not only be more dense and healthy, but it will become even darker. In the course of several experiments, american scientists completely dispelled this myth. Empirically, it has been proven that using shaving can affect only the tips of the hair, and not their roots, which affect not only the health of the hair, but also its color. A newly regrown hair looks a little differently for one simple reason, it did not have enough time to be influenced by  external factors, such as sun and wind, temperature and so on. So do not listen to "well-wishers", who advise you to get a chic hair with a help of a razor.

Myth №2: Every woman who is actively using lipstick eats about three pounds of it during the life

Thanks to the uncomplicated mathematical calculations we can dispel this myth . In other words, a woman is just to drink about 670 tubes of lip gloss or lipstick during her life. Even after 50 years of active use of makeup, it's impossible. Thus, most likely this myth was invented by proponents of natural beauty.

Myth №3: Frequent hair combing leads to hair loss

This myth was invented lazy people. Dermatologists argue that frequent and active influence on the hair roots with a comb stimulates circulation of blood and, therefore, the growth of hair. In addition, head massage using high quality comb helps to prevent dandruff.

Myth №4: Sleeping on the stomach causes more wrinkles on the face

It's true. If you always sleep on your stomach, your face begins to get imprinted with line from sleep that you got under pressure. Over time, these lines become creases, which then become wrinkled. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to change sleep habits. The only thing that will help the fansof so-called 'on-the-face' sleep speeping is a special pillow .

Myth №5: If you wear hoops, wreaths or rims, they can damage your hair

It's true. Tight hair ornaments, which can be attributed as wreaths, rims and hoops, significantly spoil the hair and lead to hair loss. Experts recommend not to sleep in these jewelry and wear it from time to time, on some occasion, but not constantly.

Myth №6: One can get rid of acne witht the help of toothpaste

At some point, the girls decided that toothpaste helps to get rid of acne, and all of them began to put toothpaste on the problem areas at night. And not even the fact that it came to someoone's mind is strange, but also the fact that this idea was picked up by the mass. The components that make up the toothpaste after prolonged contact with the skin, especially the one that is already damaged, may cause a severe allergic reaction. This is claimed by dermatologists. And acne should be treated using special medical cosmetics and nutrition .

Myth №7: Sport helps get rid of the celulitis

The man who was the first to assert this had no idea why the cellulite occurs. The development of subcutaneous tubercles of fat is influenced by two main factors, such as hormonal and genetic predisposition . Therefore, even professional sports will not help to get rid of cellulite. Although, of course, high physical activity will help to make cellulite less noticeable and will help to generally improve your health.

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