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​When To Use Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-aging cream is a special cosmetology tool which aims to moisture, protect and nourish the skin, thus, it must actively fight already persisting skin aging . Therefore, you must choose it responsibly.

When To Use Anti-Aging Cream

How to choose anti-aging cream

  1. One of the main requirements for anti-aging cosmetics is that it should contain a sun protection factor of not less than SPF 15 , but it is better if the protection factor will be 25-30. It does not matter if the cream is intended for use in summer or winter as, sun protection is important all year round. It is a factor of protection against aggressive sunlight which the intensity of the manifestations of age-related changes in the skin depends on. By the way, face powder, foundation cream, and even lipstick should also contain at least SPF 15 .
  2. The second point is that anti-aging cream should moisturize the skin well. Mature skin needs careful moisturizing, but the type of skin must be taken into account. For oily kin the suitable means contain no additional fats, and for dry one, on the contrary, the presence of oil in the cream is only the benefit . Texture of the cream for winter and summer periods must also be different. Suitable means for the summer should be with light texture and for the winter a good solution will be a cream with a dense texture that not only cares for the skin, but also protects it against temperature extremes.
  3. Do not buy wrinkle cream in untrusted stores or from suspicious resellers. Even if it is expensive, it will not a guarantee the quality. Nowadays, there are many fakes and anti-aging cream is not an exception. Therefore, in order not to harm the skin and not to lose money, you should buy cosmetics only in stores with a good reputation, where you can view the certificate of product quality.
  4. One last important point is a composition of anti-aging cream. Before buying a cosmetic product , be sure to study its composition. It is desirable to give preference to cream with organic composition, as they are not only effective, but also guarantee not to harm the skin. As a rule, irritation, allergic reaction or skin rashes occur very rarely from organic cosmetics. And for aging skin it is important.

When to start using anti-aging cream

Estheticians still can not give a definite answer to the question on when to start using anti-wrinkle cream . In fact, it is objectively impossible to be answered, since the age when the skin begins to gget older is different for everyone. And this depends on many factors:

  • First of all, if the skin is young and you clean it properly, timely moisturize and regularly visit a cosmetologist, it is quite obvious that the anti-wrinkle cream will not be soon.
  • Lifestyle also has a significant effect on the skin . Adherence to sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise and the elimination of stress have a  positive impact on the condition of not only health, but also the external appearance. While chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue, poor diet and bad habits can be the cause of wrinkles, age spots and other negative age-related changes in twenty years.

Thus, the best option to determine when it is the needed to apply the anti-aging cosmetics , it is good to visit a beautician or dermatologist . The specialist will be able to objectively assess the condition of the skin and advise the makeup that is perfect for your skin type and its individual characteristics .

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