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Face Serum

According to beauticians, to save youth and beauty for years for woman it is enough to have a basic set of tools. Serum occupies one of the most important and mandatory position among them. What it may give to our skin is a required set of useful vitamins, which may not be included in a traditional face cream.

Face Serum

Ultraviolet radiation, stress and pollution negatively affects the body, and our skin in particular. These factors result in disrupted production of collagen and elastin, which directly leads to the formation of wrinkles, discoloration and premature aging of the skin. Cosmetic serums, which today can be purchased in almost any pharmacy, may help to solve this problem. The main objective of these cosmetics means is to eliminate all ages cosmetic imperfections.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients in serum, as well as special ingredients to penetrate the skin when applied, serum is effective. In addition, serum is able to enhance the effect of your favorite moisturizer at times, making its effect much stronger and more effective. Daily usage of serum for care is not just a standard procedure, it really turns into cosmetic treatment.

As with creams, most serums are useful for some exact purposes.Some provide skin lifting effect, while others help to significantly improve the skin complexion and moisturize, and others have the effect of an antioxidant or ground dull skin effectively.

How to use the serum?

The first thing to remember is that serum is a concentrated cosmetic, so it should be used in quite a small portions with no more than 1-2 drops on the face, neck and décolleté approximately.

Before applying the serum skin must be cleaned of dust and makeup . After the serum was applied and got soaked into the skin, you need to apply the cream, which consolidates its action.

How often should I apply the serum?

It all depends on the type of serum and what effect you want to get. For example, anti-aging serum is most commonly used after you reach 30 years. The drug should be applied 2 times a day every day within 1-2 months. Then make a one month break and repeat the course.

Using moisturizing and regenerating serum is necessary after you reach 20 to 25 years and apply them regularly and without interruption for 3-4 months in a row.

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