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Autumn Foot Care: How To Prevent Ingrowing Nail?

When first cool autumn days come, it is time to pull off bright summer sandals and ballet flats and put on autumn shoes and boots. Typically, seasonal change of footwear brings inevitable foot problems for many of us, such as poor circulation, leg pain, and even ingrowing toenails. How to avoid these unpleasant autumn surprises and properly care for your feet in the fall? Here are some tips:

Autumn Foot Care: How To Prevent Ingrowing Nail?

Foot Care in autumn

In spite of the fact that a few people can have beautiful pedicure in fall, do not stop polishing your toenails until the next warm season. Pedicure should be done all year round even if nobody except from your cat and you sees it during cold months! Pedicure is a hygienic procedure that helps to avoid feet diseases, including athlete's foot, cracks, ingrowing nails, excessive feet sweating and loads of others.

Autumn pedicure tips

  • When making autumn pedicure, pay special attention to the nail plate. Changing shoes from sandals to boots may adversely affect the condition of nails. For example, too tight shoes can cause ingrowing nail, which then have to be treated by a surgeon. To avoid this, it is necessary to trim the nail smoothly without rounding the edges.
  • In summer your could have your nail to grow few millimeters longer, thus increasing it visually and making the shape of the nail plate more beautiful, which would not be acceptable in autumn. Nails should be cut short, so they are not affected by tight shoes and do not cause discomfort when you are walking.
  • Rough skin should be removed not less than once in every two or three weeks, as in these skin areas pathogens that can later cause an unpleasant feet smell or fungal infection can develop.
  • After making pedicure make sure to grease the skin legs with antibacterial and nourishing cream. Antibacterial cream can be replaced by any disinfectant that does not contain alcohol.
  • If you use colored nail polish, experts recommend to cover the nail plate with protective cure that strengthens nails and prevents yellowing after each pedicure.

Extra feet care in autumn

There are lots of methods for extra  feet care in the autumn, but the most common ones are all sorts of foot baths. In autumn legs always get tired very quickly; it is not only associated with the general condition of the body in  fall, but also with shoes change. To help feet recover after a hard day, you can prepare the bath with sea salt, with a decoction of lavender and mint, or add a few eucalyptus oil drops to warm water. Just in twenty minutes you will feel significant relief in the legs.

If you notice that your legs started to smell unpleasantly in autumn, you should thoroughly steam them in hot bath with soda for ten days. It will help to get rid of the microorganisms that caused the smell, and your feet skin will be more healthy. After the bath it is required to cover feet with antibacterial cream. If the smell stays for ten days, be sure to see a doctor, as you may have a fungal infection.

How to prevent ingrowing nail

In autumn ingrowing nail is the most common problem that can bring a lot of troubles, if the efforts to prevent it are not made in time.

The key points for preventing ingrowing nail should be classified as follows:

  1. Buy autumn shoes of a good quality.
  2. Never wear someone else's shoes.
  3. When you visit pools and saunas always wear proper waterproof shoes.
  4. Before making pedicure trim nail plate evenly and avoid leaving rounded edges.
  5. Adhere hygienics.

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