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Rejuvenation Without Plastic Surgery: Laser Nanoperforation

Plastic surgery has recently been considered to be the most effective method of rejuvenation, but the modern beauty industry is not standing still , and today we can make the skin much younger without resorting to such drastic methods. The new method of rejuvenation is called  laser nanoperforation and is a combination of the latest technology with the natural functions of the skin.

Rejuvenation Without Plastic Surgery: Laser Nanoperforation

What is laser nanoperforation

Laser nanoperforation of skin is a cosmetic procedure, which implies exposing the layers of the skin with a laser beam. During the procedure, a laser beam leaves a large number of ultramicroscopic (hence the name of the procedure contains the part "nano") holes on the surface of the skin. It should be noted that the process is not subjected to the whole skin but only to some specific, problem areas. After the procedure, there occurs defensive reaction of the skin, that is, it begins to recover , thereby forming collagen and elastin fibers in large amounts. Thus, there is a natural process of smoothing wrinkles, improving the complexion and skin firming .

Is it painful to make laser nanoperforation

This procedure is completely painless, because the hole after the laser beam is so minimal that it does not damage the nerve endings. During the procedure, there may be non-essential tingling, and for a few minutesthere may be a slight reddening of the skin, which, in rare cases, can be accompanied by a slight burning sensation. Since application of laser is a mechanical damage, it is recommended to protect the skin from sunlight, chemical burns, mechanical injuries and significant temperature changes after the procedure.

When will the result of laser nanoperforaton appear

Typically, a redness of the skin occurs for several days, depending on the type of skin and its ability to regenerate. The result of rejuvenating will be noticeable after about 7-9 days. But for a few months the skin will continue to be of a better condition, the improvement in its structure, lifting, smoothing fine lines and wrinkle, improvement of tone that will be visually noticablw and will create a complex effect of rejuvenation. It should be noted that one of the advantages of the procedure is that the effect lasts for five years, but in order to achieve greater effect, you can take a few sessions of laser nanoperforation.

When can I start doing laser nanoperforation

Indications for laser nanoperforation may be the first signs of aging of the skin, which usually begin to appear after twenty-five years. In addition to age-related changes, this procedure is effective for:

  • Stretch marks removal.
  • During pigmentation.
  • If there are a vascular "stars".
  • In the presence of scars, as well as other cosmetic defects.

Laser nanoperforation is prohibited for :

  • Pregnant women.
  • Patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Patients with any blood disorders .

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