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Shape Correction Method: Ultrasonic Technology

Women do not need to be explained what the problem areas on the body are, they are there at each age and carrying the struggle with such problems is more difficult. Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle and daily exercise do not always give the desired effect, and, therefore, women have to look for a more radical solution of the problem.

Shape Correction Method: Ultrasonic Technology

The procedure, called the Ultra Shape, is perfect for those who decided to seriously take up his or her own body. It is a newfangled, safe and non-invasive body shaping system that provides fast and reliable effect. The procedure is completely safe and painless. For conducting it, a special system called Ultra Shape Contour, which helps to break down fat cells, impeding the achievement of an ideal figure, is used. In this case, if you follow the reasonable diet, the result remains even after a time, and the procedure does not require any additional treatment.

Who will be interested in this method?

The answer is simple Ultra Shape is necessary for all overweight women who want to improve their shape without having to undergo cosmetic surgery. As research shows that fat from belly, thighs and hips and disappear within a month after the first session. The effect is impressive. Only one procedure allows you to get rid of 500 ml of fat (2-4 cm in the part of body in average).

How does it work?

The session lasts for 1-2 hours and takes place in a doctor's office. The procedure is absolutely painless. While the patient lies in a special chair called Contour I, the operator gently moves the problem area on a special sensor that transmits ultrasound energy. No additional time for recovery after passing the session is required. The skin surface is smooth and homogeneous. Mild side effects are very rare and quite dangerous. Destruction of fat cells occurs by means of ultrasonic waves.

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