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7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Treatment Facility

Once your loved one agrees to seek treatment, the next big decision is deciding which facility is best for them. There are hundreds of rehab facilities to choose from, and since they are not all the same, you may have a hard time deciding which one best meets your loved one's needs. This guide offers the criteria needed to help you select the most appropriate treatment facility for your loved one to begin their journey to recovery:


The most important aspect of the facility is that it should be accredited and have all the requisite licenses. The best drug rehab facilities are those certified by the Public Health Association Board, the Council on Accreditation and The Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities. All these accrediting organizations have rigorous standards that ensure that the facility is capable of handling the clinical and operational demands that come with treating addiction.


You may want to choose a rehab facility that is far away from the conditions that pushed them into drug use in the first place. If there are any friends, triggers or areas that may hinder their recovery, choosing a facility far away from them is a great idea. Furthermore, what kind of ambiance might they like? A facility that is far away from the city and offers a serene atmosphere may be beneficial to them.

Their approach to treatment

Every facility has a unique protocol for administering treatment. Some may offer spiritual guidance; others provide medication coupled with counseling, or meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques. Choose a facility whose approach will be most agreeable with your loved ones.

Patient: staff ratio

The best facility is one where there is enough support staff to assist them through every step. Moreover, the staff should be trustworthy and qualified.

The time taken to effect treatment

While most programs run for 28 days, this time may not be sufficient for your loved one to achieve their treatment objectives. Depending on their body, type and period of drug use, they may need longer to achieve stability and sobriety.

Does the program offer proper nutrition for patients?

Severe addiction puts your loved one in poor health and malnutrition, and proper nutrition is a key component in restoring their health and bringing down barriers to restoration. Proper diet will ensure better sleep, reduced irritability and anxiety and heal damaged tissues. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are a much better alternative to extra medication when it comes to handling insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms.

Does the facility impart life skills and after support?

Your loved one is going to be faced by the same factors and problems that pushed them into drug or alcohol use after they leave rehab. The most exceptional facility will empower your loved one with life skills like assertiveness and self-esteem to ensure that they are in a better place to handle stress. In addition to life skills, after support like job placement and follow-ups will help your loved one get back into society.


The guide above will help you select the most useful facility for your loved one. An excellent facility coupled with support from family and friends will make recovery a reality for them. Visit http://www.freedomaddiction.ca for a reliable facility in Toronto

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