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How To Protect Your Child From Cold in Autumn

Yesterday the summer days were full of sun and the heat was nearly endless. Today, the autumn brings warm days and cool nights, drizzling rains, bitterly cold winds and early frosts.

How To Protect Your Child From Cold in Autumn

How to protect your child from cold in autumn?

The season of colds often comes together with exacerbation of chronic diseases. Although the majority of pediatricians claim that this is absolutely normal to catch a cold for a child in autumn, it is far from a pleasant experience for a baby. Is it possible to avoid catching cold, or at least to minimize the risk of missing school studies for a child in autumn?

How to avoid catching cold?

In fact, there are preventative measures against colds for children in fall, and they are easy enough for every mom to follow.Here are some of them:

Teach your child to breathe with a nose 

Although this preventive measure is very simple, its efficiency exceeds 87%. Comparing to nasal mucosa, the oral mucosa is an excellent barrier against infection. Thus, if about 60% of the microbes are ingested orally, the mucosa of the nose stops more than 87 % of microbes. It should be noted that the ideal way to teach a child to properly breathe with a nose is doing regular aerobic exercises under the supervision of adults. 

Clean handkerchief every day

Without a doubt, a tissue is the best option for a child to use when sneezing, as it does not allow the infection to spread. In addition, the child should not be taught to sneeze at hand, it is better if he or she will do it in the crook of an arm, as from palms microbes quickly spread on surfaces throughout the room. Adults should follow this rule primarily because most often them bring microbes into the house where the baby lives.

Organic volatile

Onions and garlic have become frequent products during the meals in fall. Volatile perfectly cope with the pathogens and are known to be the best organic prevention of ARI. If the baby has not yet assessed the taste of these natural cold defenders, you may simply put a plate of garlic near the baby cot.

Ventilate rooms

Ventilating rooms is very important, especially when the weather is bad. Usually, it is enough to leave windows opened for fifteen minutes two to three times per day. Fresh air helps to cope well with the disease-causing bacteria, especially when the temperature outside drops below zero.


Without a doubt, a strong immune system - is a guarantee of good health. But immunity care should be respected all year round. Proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals is a key factor for strong health. The only approach that will help to protect ones health develop the resistance to disease is a well- balanced diet for a child.

Besides, we should not forget about the hardening. The best time to begin to harden baby is late spring or early summer. But if you do not have time to take this important step to strengthen the immune system when it is warm outside, it is possible to start hardening in September. But before you start, make sure to consult with pediatrician first.

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