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Sexual Traumas

Most people believe that the intimate injury can only be expected by the lovers of exotic, extreme sports and more. But this is not the case, most intimate injuries occur during normal, traditional sex, most ordinary people of traditional orientation who did not practice anything extraordinary. As a rule, an intimate injury are scratches, abrasions or small sores on the genitals, resulting from aggressive or gentle sex. The most frequent causes of sexual trauma include: lack of natural lubrication, mechanical damage to the bristles, long nails, jewelry and so on.

Sexual Traumas

Small intimate injuries are not serious threat to health, they heal quickly after the antiseptic treatment, but there is also another category of injuries that require more serious treatment.

Women intimate injury


  • This type of injury is typical for miniature women whose partner has a large penis. Therefore, any wrong move during intercourse is fraught with rupture of thin fabric roof, which is accompanied by severe pain, with a tendency to strengthen.
  • Action: Call the emergency assistance! In addition to severe pain, rupture of the arch can lead to infection of the abdominal cavity and peritonitis, so without the help of professionals can not do. In the future, need to be more carefully selected poses during intimacy.

Injuries of clitoris

  • Most of these injuries is the result of careless oral contact. For example, a partner may bite the clitoris, or hand damage during stimulation. Most injuries are accompanied by heavy bleeding of the clitoris.
  • Procedure: The first step to stop the bleeding, wound disinfected using hydrogen peroxide. You can then lubricate the wound with the healing ointment. The future partner should be more careful.

Break the front wall

  • One of the most common injuries is considered intimate rupture of the anterior vaginal wall. This injury occurs when from the traditional missionary position, the woman throws his feet on the shoulders of a man, when he is getting deeper.
  • Action: Call the emergency assistance, because without qualified professionals can not do. In the future, listen to their feelings, with the appearance of pain, better posture change.

Men Intimate injuries

Entrapment of the penis

  • This injury occurs as a result of vaginismus, when the vaginal muscles suddenly contract and pinch the penis. Most often, such an injury occurs as a result of fear.
  • Actions: No doctors are unlikely to do. But if you can, you need to pour cold water on to the spasm passed.

The gap bridle

  • About 60% of men will sooner or later face this trauma because of too short frenulum of the penis. This injury occurs when there is insufficient lubrication and with strong toes.
  • Action: It is necessary to disinfect the damaged area of skin. The next day, consult a doctor might have to make a simple cosmetic surgery to increase the bridle to avoid injury in the future.

Penile fracture

  • This is the most severe intimal injury. Fractures can be of two types that are partial and complete. During a complete fracture one can hear a crack. Trauma occurs in case of the wrong move of the partner in the above position.
  • Actions: Immediately call emergency services because even a slight delay can lead to serious complications. In most cases, the surgeon will need help.


Bites are among the most common sexual trauma, faced by both men and women. The bite should be disinfected, especially biting genitals, because there is a large blood supply, which can lead to rapid infection.

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