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​Lack of Libido And Sexual Sense


The loss of libido is not only a sexual dysfunction which affects women. In fact the line "I have a headache, darling" can be heard from both sides of the bed. The loss of sexual interest or libido is not as common an occurrence in men, affecting only about 15% of them versus the 45% of women, but still it happens.
I am a 45 yr old man. 3 yrs ago I got married, and a lack of interest in sex, less sexual sense, and an inability to keep an erection happened quite soon after I began experiencing reduced libido. I was prescribed Clopamine and has been diagnosed with low T as a result of sleep apnea. I required a sleep study for apnea. I'm experiencing all the exact same symptoms, although my testosterone level rose. I don't believe my issue is psychological. I'm going to make my doctor test. What would you advise?

Lack of Libido And Sexual Sense


You can have greater than one issue. Reduced libido, a lack of interest and the inability to keep an erection all may be because of an insufficient amount (also called hypogonadism). Nevertheless, it's also not impossible that the inability to keep an erection comes secondary to the lack of libido, as a result of emotional anxieties like performance stress. Your testosterone level -- such as the free and absolute amount -- should be got at 8AM and ideally need to be checked on 2 different occasions until making the analysis of hypogonadism. If T levels are not high, then additional studies should be performed to ensure there aren't pituitary gland (a gland in the mind that modulates secretion of hormone ) making the low hormone amount.

Apnea is related to the bigger risk of impotence problems, and in obese or overweight patients, obesity itself, together with causing sleep apnea, is connected to an increased risk of impotence problems at the same time as low T levels. Diabetes also can bring low hormone levels and imparts the greatest risk of ED of medical comorbid illnesses.

To sum up, low sexual desire and impotence problems may be two different problems, and a cautious assessment is needed by both dilemmas. This really is likely best performed in a special setting by an urologist who has expertise treating an endocrinologist or sexual dysfunction with expertise of this type. Assessment of these states begins with a physical examination and a careful history, including lab testing. If patient does have erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism, we frequently treat these illnesses individually on another and oral drugs like Cialis, Levitra, Viagra.

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