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8 Secrets All Women Need To Know

Building a strong family is not easy. It is a daily, laborious work, in which each family member must make its contribution, but especially women. It is not for nothing they say that the atmosphere in the family depends on the woman. In her fragile shoulders rests the responsibility for family happiness. To alleviate this burden, the modern psychologists recommend "Bereginya hearth" adhere to the following guidelines.

8 Secrets All Women Need To Know

1. Respect his relatives

Perhaps for many it is one of the most complex rules, but for the sake of a strong family, you should try. Even if the relationship is very strained in-law, do not say blagovernomu that his parents do not like you, or you do not want to see them at home. Take the relatives of her husband, as an integral part of himself. Believe me it will take years for such a wise and behaviors you will be rewarded many times over.

2. Little things are not a cause for scandal

wife who constantly nags and after each blunders spouse ready to rush to the attack with the ordinary reproaches, not like any man. After a couple of years, the marriage certainly will crack. So forget in their relationship with the position of her husband, "I'm just right." It should be a happy woman, "her husband" and not in front of him, give him a place.

3. Marriage and sex are inseparable concepts

Sex is a leading indicator of marital relations. Of course, the majority of couples over the years, sex becomes less, but it should not disappear completely. Therefore, any problems in intimate relationships need to be addressed immediately, without waiting until somebody will do it for you.

4. Trust is the foundation of strong relationships

Every man more than anything else appreciates his freedom and does not want to feel 24 hours a day "under the gaze" a loving wife. Give more freedom to your spouse in a relationship must be trust and a small affair, albeit he had the impression that he was free and independent. There is a rule, the more a man gets the freedom, the more it can be found at home.

5. Dedicate time to yourself

forwoman, which dissolves completely in her husband and family, it becomes uninteresting even to himself. Try to live in harmony with oneself and the world, distribute household tasks so that you had a day at least two hours for themselves. Beauty, fitness club, meeting with friends, reading, a hobby - you know exactly how to spend the time usefully!

6. Use tender words

you have many years together and even began to call by the name of the spouse? It's a slippery slope! Begin to remember how you used to call each other when we first started dating. Psychologists say that eating sweet words between husband and wife creates an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. They seem to transport you to your childhood, when everyone was happy and carefree. After a hard day's work or any problems, "bunny" or "cat" spoken by a loving voice, are better than any sedative. By the way, the researchers conducted an experiment in families use sweet words, the risk of heart attacks in men is much lower. It is worth considering ...

7. Something does not suit you? Discuss!

Men and women are very different. And the fact that for women it is clear as day to the men do not come in 10 years. Therefore, any situation that you do not like, it is necessary to voice and discuss. The main thing is not to conduct a conversation in accusatory tone, with tears and tantrums. The conversation should be constructive. Do not "gloss over" the problem, or you can even the greatest love buried under this burden!

8. Time spent together is priceless

work, care, children, grandchildren, friends, hobbies - all this is fine, but do not forget about your love. It is not enough just to talk on the phone, the couple needs more intimate contact, any joint exercises. Do not neglect each other, go out together for a walk, to the movies, make a romantic evening. You must be wondering come together, work on their relationship, build your happiness!

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