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10 Most Important Communication Rules With A Husband

Tragically, schools do not teach how to communicate with the opposite sex. For this reason, the number of divorces is increasing every year. And how many couples might save their marriage and the health of the nervous system, if they knew the basic differences between the perception of information, emotions, and life in general in both men and women.

10 Most Important Communication Rules With A Husband

10 tips to make life easier in a marriage:

1. Do not scream, even if everything is very bad, it is better to cry

cry men perceive as an act of aggression, rather than sloshing emotions. Moreover, the cry is considered masculine aggression, while the tears - it's only the way women respond to any trouble. Thus, in the women cry and no drops of constructiveness, which are able to perceive men. Screaming woman causes a reaction in the form of the same cry, ultimately, sparring, scandal, and not the solution.

Unfortunately, many women these days just have forgotten how to cry. Down with the strength and self-reliance, learn to cry again. After all, for a man woman's tears are triggered as a brake light, he begins to realize that he had gone too far.

2. During crying you need to blame only yourself

Ladies tears greatly affect men, so much so that we should not abuse it. Especially since you can not cry and blame something man, otherwise it will take a defensive position, begin to make excuses, or simply leave. But when a woman crying at the same time accusing himself of a man instinct defender, he wants to protect you, even from herself, thus taking the blame. But initially you wanted to bring it up to him. But, the main thing to remember that too much practice is impossible, it is necessary to take care of each other and not to manipulate feelings.

3. Foot massage

Even in ancient times it was believed that the way to man's heart is through his stomach is not, and after a foot massage. This ritual is simple enough, but the man, who every evening after coming home from work receives a foot massage, a woman will do for her anything. In addition, it is believed that the energy man closes a woman who practices the foot massage, which means that changes in your family will not be exact. This little ritual means a lot to the "male language", first of all, he understands that there is waiting for him, and love, he is the chief, to try him, so willing to do something in response.

4. Men view is equal to women approvement:

"Yes, darling," "Of course, dear," "how to say", "you're right" and others, can be classified as magic phrase in the relationship between the sexes.

The man on everyone always has their opinion, its solid position in life, and for him it is very important to be a woman always and everywhere to support it, sometimes even admired by his words, and not just agree. It's easy, just worth a try!

5. If you need something, ask it right away. Men do not understand hints.

All women love florid phrases that veil of desire. For example, the phrase, "and you would not want to have dinner," actually means "let's go already, I'm hungry." The man would say it's much easier - "I'm hungry." So do not beat around the bush, when you are tired and have to wash the dishes, you can simply say, "darling, wash the dishes, please, I'm tired today" and not "something feet buzzing, and dishes in the sink has a mountain" .

6. "Lost in Translation"

Men differ from women to express feelings and emotions, so you need to learn for themselves translated into the language of his woman's feelings or emotions. For example, some men can not speak compliments on your new outfit can respond simply admiring glance. For myself, check that your husband has expressed delight, though not expressed it verbally, he learned that no one may, with time, you will be able to correct this gap in education.

7. Learn to be open to your man

woman important emotional intimacy that many experience in communicating with friends or with my mother. You must learn to open your heart and love, otherwise, without this intimacy devoid of usefulness, a deep sense of sincerity. A man of such a revelation gets what is important to him, he feels it necessary, important in your life, irreplaceable. By the way, it is very important that the relationship was not cheating. Any deception - a crack in the relationship that will only grow.

8. Report a problem without unnecessary emotions

men can not simultaneously perceive and information and emotion, they simply "Crazy." Therefore, you must carefully separate the former from the latter. There was a problem that must be addressed - report without unnecessary emotions clearly and understandably presenting the essence. Just want to make you sympathize or regret, just say, "give me a hug, I feel bad."

9. Righ deeds should be encouraged immediately

When a man is something for you to do, he wants to see your joy. So when you get a bunch of expensive over or not, do not roll your eyes, saying, "Why have spent so much money?", Otherwise it will be the last bouquet that you received from this particular man. This applies to all gifts, all actions, and so on. Do you want it to happen again, admire, praise, bragging to friends.

10. Phrases that have to leave the lexicon of a married woman

  • "Why" and "What for" - as a rule, each row begins with these words. Do you really want to know why he had not washed for a plate?
  • "Could you .." - this phrase means a request for women only while for men it blows the mind, that is, he hears that doubt " He could not "at the same time realizes that to do so it is not necessary. Please be specific!
  • "I told you ..." - this phrase is completely kills the male responsibility and some initiative.
  • "I find myself ... a normal man, I do not need you .." - these phrases kill love as all of which hurt the male ego.

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