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Childfree: why some people do not want to have children?

It has traditionally been proclaimed that the family should have children and every normal person should want to have children. But is this really the norm and, in this case, who set these standards? The term "childfree" became known for more than two decades, and its meaning is that perfectly healthy people in reproductive terms, consciously refuse to have children, that is, they do not want to become parents. What causes some people to give happiness to have offspring?

Childfree: why some people do not want to have children?

Reasons for the reluctance of some people to have children

  • Many people believe that the Earth and the already overpopulated.
  • This world is so crazy that it does not want to raise children.
  • Children - too expensive (financially) fun , moreover, that in recent years there was a tendency to "sit on the parent's neck," up to forty years or more.
  • People are just happy without children, they already have the meaning of life, and the children just do not fit into their "life plan."
  • Some people do not feel the strength to be parents and are afraid that they are too poor parents.
  • There is no desire to take the burden of responsibility for someone's life.

4 most common reasons why people become "childfree":

  • They were the older children in the family and their shoulders fell education of younger, so that they have devoted their entire childhood, while their parents made a career. So the game "Mothers and Daughters" they are so fed up with that in adulthood they no longer want to face nipples, diapers, baby carriages.
  • The presence of a serious disease, which is hereditary, so these people do not want to condemn your child to torture.
  • Not ready to adjust your life under the baby, change their habits and standard abutment.
  • The presence of other priorities, such as career interests, welfare and so on.

What to do if your beloved one is "childfree"

When both partners in the family do not wish to have children, it can be understood, and the problems they have, in theory, this issue should not arise. But what happens when one person does not want to have children, and the other just wants to get a couple of tots?

There's only one way out - to be the most outspoken in the early stages of a relationship. If you are a dedicated "childfree" and nothing in this life does not make you change your attitude to this aspect of life, be sure to tell your partner about this, that having this information would have to decide exactly on the way to your next. In any case, this approach will help to avoid many mistakes and ruined lives.

On the other hand, a person who wants to have children, and certainly connected his life with a "childfree"-partner, has no moral right to force him to change his mind, we see that children - that's fine, or blackmail - or a child, or a divorce. It will not make anyone happy. Even if you have a baby, and his love is only one of the parents, and the second - it will only irritate hardly child's life, and yours too will be happy and fulfilled. Children should appear in families where they are happy where they are waiting, where they will be able to give love, care and make them happy!

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