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Women Midlife Crisis

The notorious midlife crisis among men is widely know, but the fact that most women are also experiencing a similar period does not belong to common knowledge. Perhaps this is because women do not have this period manifested violently, not extrapolating it to the outer world, with no external manifestations, in the form of, for example, buying a sports car or a sudden enthisiasm in climbing, parkour, auto racing and other extreme sports, as men often do. But, nonetheless, an existential crisis for women is no less painful than for men, so the most important thing is to identify and try to overcome it with minimal losses in a timely manner, both for your own health and for the environment.

Women Midlife Crisis

Signs of a midlife crisis among women

Unfortunately, there is no specific age range, when women are experiencing an existential crisis - someone reinvents life at the age of 25 and for others the meaning of life changes after 40. But, in any case, the signs have something in common. So, the main signs of midlife crisis among women include:

  • Thoughts that youth is gone increasingly arise in the head, and all the time it seems that everything good has already passed, only sad old age is going to be from now on.
  • From the best friend the mirror turned into the worst enemy. You avoid looking at it in awe to see new wrinkles.
  • Everyone irritates you: from your husband and children to your best friend and boss.
  • You notice the tiniest flaws among surrounding people and completely forget how to see the positive things.
  • You're more likely to remember the past, which seems to be much better than present and the future especially. Youthful dreams that did not come true evoke sadness.
  • Constant thoughts about health, including the ones about the fact that that it is necessary to drink vitamins, get tested, ans fo on.
  • Health is becoming more important than beauty.
  • The thoughts about men appear less frequently, but the question why you could not even achieve something in your career constantly pursues you.

Amid all the above thoughts, there occurs a burnout, depression, neuralgia and other negative health effects.

How to deal with the crisis of middle-aged women

Typically, a midlife crisis is divided into two main aspects:

  • Physiological midlife crisis, which consists of external changes and violations of the hormonal balance.
  • Psychological midlife crisis, which includes family and social situation.

In order to overcome existential crisis painlessly, we must simultaneously adjust both of these aspects.

Physiological midlife crisis

1. Changes in appearance. When a woman's appearance is changing under the influence of the time, and she begins to notice the appearance of first wrinkles and skin aging. It has a great impact on emotional state and the causes, depression. But eall the changes in appearance can be adjusted, it is enough to:

  • pay more attention to your appearance, to visit a beautician, care for your skin more carefully and with the help of various cosmetic products.
  • begin to actively participate in sports. If the muscles will be toned, skin will remain healthy and beautiful and the shape wil be well-built for a long time. But most important during exercises is not to overdo them. And you should not forget about gradually adding the load, for example, you can start the morning with a fifteen-minute jog, then enroll in the pool, yoga or fitness.

2. Hormonal changes. Menopause can begin very early. For some women it occras after the age of 35. Therefore, one of the main tasks of women is to push the beginning of menopause at a later date by taking every effort. The secret lies in the active life.

  • Sports, regular sex, nutrition, positive attitude and hormone replacement therapy, which is prescribed by a doctor can help.

The psychological midlife crisis

1. Marital status. If a woman is still unmarried after the age of thirty, she may start feeling useless not being recognized as a wife or a mother under the pressure of public opinion.

  • At this time, the main thing one should never focus on is finding a worthy candidate to be a husband. We live in the modern world and a woman has a lot of opportunities to have a baby without a husband, including, for example, in vitro fertilization, or upbringing the child from the orphanage. If you have the strength and desire to be recognized in the society as a mom, you must direct all our efforts to achieve the desired objective. If you do not have either ability or desire, it is essential not to focus on the main theme of "crown of celibacy" and "ancestral curse," and continue to live a full life, and try to express oneself in the other spheres of life, for example, you can improve professionally, do charity work and so on.
  • If a woman is married during the crisis of the middle age her husband may start to annoy her and his shortcomings may seem hypertrophied for her. It's time to learn how to turn a blind eye to the unpleasant moments and focus on good and positive things only.
  • Another problem for a middle-aged women is a divorce. It's not a secret that men experiencing their own midlife crisis often leave the family in favor of the younger women. But this is not the end of the world! A divorced woman has a lot of opportunities and a bunch of great experience, which will help her start a new happier life, to build a more harmonious relationship with another man.

2. Social position. As a rule, at the age of forty the woman already has a certain social status. Most of ladies are unhappy because they could not fulfill themselves to the extent they wanted to let's say professionally, because they were busy bringing up children and doing their household chores. But all can be looked at from the other side.

  • It is not necessary to have an ambitious career for happiness, if you you have a happy family, healthy children and harmony in marriage. Look what you do well and do not concentrate on the failures. Perhaps you are a good friend or a caring daughter? Throw away destructive thoughts and think about the good ones and be happy!

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