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Reasons For Adultery In The Family

The concept of "treason" appeared ever since the institution of marriage began to exist. But until now, no one can give an exact answer to why people are starting to betray each other. After all, this does not depend on sex, age, physical appearance and social status. Without a doubt, each person has his or her own reasons that pushed one to take this step. But what they have in common that often becomes a factor that provokes the betrayal? American scientists, who conducted a large-scale public opinion poll, which was attended by people with experience of family relations from three months to forty-two years, attempted to answer this question.

Reasons For Adultery In The Family

The main enemy of family happiness is boredom

The first and the main reason for adultery is a banal boredom. Most respondents agreed that boredom begins to affect family relationships after about two or three years. No wonder there is a folk wisdom, which says that the love lives of three years.

After two or three years marital sex gets boring, but this fact does not always make spouses have sex with some other person. As a rule, women are ready to commit adultery when it starts to be very clear that the incompatibility with her husband in sex is too great personal qualities of  husband was are far from ideal ones, when the relationship in marrige does not go smoothly. In addition, women often find loves for themselves when they are completely financially dependent on them. From the point of view of psychology, lover in this case acts as a kind of compensation and helps women to assert themselves .

The essence of male adultery

In contrast, men's treason is some other sort of adultery. First of all, men think of sex with someone else in a much easier way as they consider it to be a little adventure, a small feat, some variety in sex, dope, which can not significantly affect the marital relationship in general.

Most unusual, but not very rare cause of male adultery are financial problems. Financial problems often push a man to seek the "joy on the side". This can be very simply explained in terms of psychology.It is inherent by nature that in critical, stressful situations, a person faces the exacebration of the reproductive instinct. And since men are polygamous in their nature, this makes them search for a new sexual partner.

On the basis of the above reasons, American scientists have concluded that the causes of adultery can be very different, but, despite this, a strong family unit involves understanding and forgiveness.

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