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10 Myths About Introverts

Introverts are people with a certain set of personality characteristics, that are based on the fact that they are paying more attention to their inner world than the outside one. Such people like to feel their inner emotions and feelings, analyze them more, so they are characterized as closed, taciturn, not being willing to contact people. Around this type of personality there are a lot of myths, because it is quite difficult to understand their "delicate nature".

10 Myths About Introverts

10 most common myths about introverts are:

1. Introverts are taciturn

This is not true. Just such people do not talk just to talk. When they have nothing to say on the merits, they are silent. But if there is a topic that is interesting for an introvert, he or she will talk about it for hours without stopping.

2. Introverts are shy

Shyness does not depend on the type of personality. Perhaps, from one side, it seems that introverts are shy to approach somebody or and speak to somebody, but it is not true. Typically, these people are in search of reasons for interactions, as they find it difficult to communicate just because they wanted to talk, they need a reason and a purpose. Be first to speak to introvert.

3. Introverts are often rude

Such people do not feel the need for "social weasel". They try to be very honest and want the same attitude from others. But very often honesty and politeness have nothing in common. You should not be offended for them by that.

4. Introverts do not like people

It's quite to the contrary. For introverts few of their friends are almost the center of the universe. For the sake of friends and relatives, they are ready for everything. And if you happen to find a friend, who is an introvert, you should know that this is the best ally for life!

5. Introverts do not like publicity

That's not true. Many introverts love to show in public places and even speak to the audience, but only when they have something to say to the world. They do not like the hustle and bustle that usually accompanies the publicity, although it may be a short time to endure. And then return to their home that is a shelter for them for a so-called "reset".

6. Introverts always want to be alone

For a time they like to be on their own to dream, to understand the feelings. But they feel unhappy if there is no one with whom they may share their experiences and achievements.

7. Introverts are strange

Usually introverts are characterized by individualism, they prefer not to go with the crowd. They behave as innovators and they want to be appreciated just for that.

8. Introverts are indifferent and closed

They always focus on the inner world, their whole life revolves around thoughts and feelings - it is their inner world. But this does not mean that they do not notice what is happening around, just their inner world is more important for them.

9. Introverts can not have fun and relax

That's not true. They prefer to relax at home or on the nature, rather than visiting noisy parties or places with a lot of people. Introverts do not like adrenaline and extreme entertainment. In large companies, introverts are closed and they really relax only in familiar surroundings.

10. If introvert would like to, he can become an extrovert

That's not true. Introverts distinguish from extroverts by the interaction of many psycho- emotional processes at the physiological level. A turtle cannot become a puppy. No techniques can make introvert to become an extrovert, it will be contrary to the laws of the universe. Introverts are special, they make this world more valuable and it is necessary to treat them with respect, as well as to extroverts.

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