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What You Should Do If A Child Is Naughty?

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At some point, all the children are naughty, but for someone of them that moment comes earlier and for others it comes later, the approximate age for this purpose for a child is from three to seven years. Disobedience arises for a simple reason - the child wants to defend self-independence  At the age of three years the child understands where the limit of patience of parents is, and what kind of reaction he or she shold expect in reagrds of child's behavior. Psychologists say that children of this age thus assert themselves and develop self-esteem. For parents, in most cases, this behavior looks like a very simple disobedience, demanding punishment.

What You Should Do If A Child Is Naughty

How to treat a disobedient child

The most important thing is to bring a set of rules for children, where the first item will be the perception of implicit prohibition. In other words, the child must accurately understand the word "no" in order to enable parents to protect his or her existence.

But it should be remembered that the rules must be observed all the time. They are something that can not be done today, tomorrow and so on. Otherwise, the child will simply skip to follow any bans .

Child shuld not be restricted from doing everything, especially if it is a child of preschool age who is just beginning to explore the world around him or her.

To resist the temptation to prohibit child for doing everything at all,  do your best to hide all the dangerous items in the house.

Preschool children should occasionally be reminded that there are good and bad deeds. For a good deed they can be encouraged and for the bad one they can be punished.

If children already understand the importance of prohibitions, you can negotiate with them, but be sure to comply with the terms of the agreement unconditionally. Otherwise, there is a risk to grow irresponsible person who is not responsible for his or her words .

Rules to be followed by parents

  1. If children categorically refuse to obey their parents's rules, it is an occasion to analyze the atmosphere in the family and theri behaviour for parents, as it is possible that the child simply copies it.
  2. Do not choose a too strict line of upbringing. Such a tough process leads to emotional coldness and isolation of the child.
  3. Sometimes, in order to understand the child's behavior is not superfluous to look at the world through his or her eyes. Just imagine yourself a child who constantly hears bans and so on. This approach will help parents understand how to restore a harmonious world for the child.
  4. Bring to your life so-called "days on the contrary". Sometimes there are situations when a child is very tired, both emotionally and physically. To relieve tension, psychologists advise to practice "days on the contrary", when the child is allowed to do almost everything. For example, to sleep till noon, not to clean the bed, not to brush the teeth, skip eating the soup and to do what is not allowed in a normal life. This psychological trick helps to strengthen the relationship of trust between the child and parents and remove the tension that accumulates some time. In this case, the effect of forbidden behaviour disappears and it is much easier for a child to comply with all requirements and to comply with the prohibitions.
  5. Give up physical punishment. This method of punishment was not justified, since the child will understand that you can achieve the desired effect simply by using force. This negative stereotype will forever remain in the subconscious of a child, and later the child is sure to make use of physical force to achieve the desired effects. If there is a need for punishment , you can prevent a child from watching cartoons, entertainment, sweets and some more activities.

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