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​How Do Family Help a Distressed Niece?

My niece was identified as having ADHD with ODD. She is very intelligent for the age of 8 years old - not in school but in locating ways in her parents. She is a very good manipulator, attempting to run things in the house the way she needs them and sees fit, not the manner her parents see appropriate. She is on medication for ADHD, which appears to aid in school. But the family is fighting a battle on a usual basis. It does not appear to be helping much, although she is in treatment. What can we as a family, do to aid the sister not to lose her head?

How Do Family Help a Distressed Niece?


Treatment is frequently unhelpful for oppositional defiant behaviour. Generally, children with ODD act nicely with therapists. They just do not act nicely at home. Apart from offering the support and proposing several resources, I'm unsure if there's anything more you can do as a family to aid the sister "not lose the head."

One of the publications whom I recommend to people with children with a mix of ODD and ADHD is "Your Defiant Child" written by Russell Barkley and "From Chaos to Calm" written by Janet Heininger.

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