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​Could Your Hearing Change Due To Sleep Apnea?

The quality of the slumber may be not the only one impacted by sleep apnea. New research indicates this disorder can be linked to hearing loss too.

The research found this disorder is associated with hearing impairment on low frequencies. This held true even after scientists adjusted the data for other potential reasons for hearing loss. These findings give more support to the notion that sleep apnea probably does not happen in isolation. Rather, it could be an indication of other health states, the study says.

Could Your Hearing Change Due To Sleep Apnea?

How Are They Connected?

Sleep apnea is more of a systemic and long-term disorder than merely a thing that occurs when you are sleeping. It likely changes multiple distinct organs, so the researchers begin considering this disorder as more like a chronic disease with inflammatory and vascular problems.

It is a common illness that affects about 18M Americans, as stated by the NSF. Usually indicated by snoring with regular gasping or "snorting" sounds, this disorder interrupts sleep and may cause excessive daytime tiredness and other symptoms. The state also continues to be linked with generalized cardiovascular, inflammation and endocrine issues.

What might the link be between sleep apnea and hearing loss? It might be a mix of variables that cause abnormal functioning in the arteries and inflammation, based on Shah. About 10% of the volunteers had apnea. Around 30% had some type according to the study.

The Research Results

The scientists took into account age, sex, Hispanic/Latino backgrounds and wellness-related problems like high pressure, diabetes, fat amounts in the blood, smoke and alcohol use, history of snoring or hearing loss, and sound exposure.

Individuals were more inclined to have impairment if they were of Cuban or Puerto-Rican race, had a higher BDM index, were individuals who snored, or diagnosed as having such disorder.

The authors found sleep apnea is associated with a 90% increase in low freq hearing impairment and a 31% increase in high freq impairment. Sleep apnea was additionally linked to a 38% increase in high and low freq hearing loss. Speech will drop in the low frequency range.

What Does It Mean

Because a potential connection was detected between hearing loss and sleep apnea, another step should be a smaller study that looks carefully at the question of whether hearing loss is really caused by sleep apnea.

Spencer also pointed out the data brought just from individuals of Latino and Hispanic ancestry. It might be vital that you examine the association between sleep apnea and hearing loss among a more comprehensive geographic and ethnic group.

Just one matter can be reasoned in the study, there's the possibility that treating sleep apnea can enhance hearing loss. Since it's been proven to be linked with the illness individuals should be screened for hearing impairment.

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