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Striving for Success or Fear of Failure: Are They the Same?

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In any endeavor, the motivation - is almost half the battle. In most cases, the motivation is based on two opposite directions - quest for success and a fear of failure. Argued that it does not matter what type of motivation is present, the main thing - the result, is it? Psychologists say that these two types of motivation with opposite vectors have a huge impact on a person's life, it will depend on them not only the success of any project, but also the overall quality of life.

Striving for Success or Fear of Failure: Are They the Same?

Find The Right Motivation

Strong motivation is always useful. If a person is aware of what he/she is doing and knows why it’s done - it's always good. Type of motivation, in turn, is closely linked to the level of claims, with the choice of complexity of the tasks. If people often fail, the level of claims drops, sometimes very significantly, selects all tasks easier. Due to this phenomenon, there is a so-called "life regression", the level and quality of life is reduced. People with a predominant fear of failure often observed with decline in activity, in some cases they lead to prolonged depression.

Overcome Your Fears

How to overcome fear of failure and learn to motivate yourself to achieve success? First of all, you must understand that you can not always and everywhere be successful, the failure will be in any case, sooner or later. It should be taken as fact and accepted. The second point is public opinion. At school we used to a certain pressure, which is the fear of disappointing parents and teachers to look as failure in the eyes of the classmates. This fear, as a rule, many remain for a lifetime, and they are afraid to do something new, so that in case of failure does not disappoint loved ones. To succeed, it is important to have a "strong base", those people who will support you, even if you fail.

Third point - the fear of the unknown. According to recent statistics, more than 30% of people are afraid to open their own business just because they do not want to risk, having the fear of the unknown. They believe that it is better to work for someone and receive a small but steady salary than the risk. Of course, the risk is always present, but on the other hand, if you do not take risks, life is boring. Many successful people do not consider failure as a serious problem.

Appreciate The Hard Work

Failure is just a certain amount of experience, which also has its value. Extracting some lessons from this experience, making the necessary conclusions, you will always get a step closer to the goal. In most cases, the path to success is long and bumpy, you need a lot of work, including on you, but the more difficult path, the closer the desired goal is!

People with a strong motivation to succeed, as a rule, are well aware that any achieved goal is solely the result of their hard work, they are always adequately assess themself and their strength. So often these people do not take up the no-brainers, but refuse to extremely difficult, not to waste time. Such a position is not always correct, because it does not contribute to achieving greater success. Thus, the best way to achieve success - it does not stand still, and constantly improve - to develop the endurance and stamina, improve the professional level, interested in various innovations. Time does not stand still, so it is very important for success "to go with you in the leg", or better yet a half-step ahead!

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