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​Our Self-esteem: How to Raise It

Nowadays, few people believe in the existence of the fate - that each person has their own destiny, fated to him in advance, and nothing can change. On the contrary, our destiny is in our hands, and we choose and build our future ourselves. But a desire to change something or achieve something, usually is not enough. Besides the enormous desires and aspirations, you must have a number of qualities that will help implement the plans. For a full, really good life, it is necessary first of all to have adequate self-esteem.

Our Self-esteem: How to Raise It

What Is It?

What is meant by the term "self-esteem" and how does it affect your life? Psychologists define self-esteem as a personal display itself. In other words, self-esteem - that's how person sees, feels, positions himself/herself. To date, there are three main types of self-assessment:

  • understated
  • overstated.
  • adequate

Obviously, the most acceptable self-esteem - adequate or normal when a person is properly aware of themselves, their capabilities and in accordance with it, builds the life. High self-esteem does not present any particular problems, as a rule, people with this type can achieve a lot, they have a high level of claims. But low self-esteem - it's really a problem, it suffers from not only the man himself, but his entourage. Therefore, with low self-esteem is necessary to fight with and the sooner the better.

Based on the fact that self-esteem is formed in childhood, parents and educators need to initially choose the right line of conduct. Should be encouraged to achieve any child, encourage and motivate them to new successes. Any undertaking child should be supported and encouraged, to instill the idea that nothing is impossible. But if the problem of low self esteem already exists, it is necessary to resort to more drastic measures:

  1. First, set appropriate goals and all available means to achieve them. Victory, even if it is simple, is always inspiring, so do not rest on the laurels and immediately set new goals.
  2. After reaching that goal, encourage yourself, to praise the qualities that have helped to reach it.
  3. If failing this, do not blame all the troubles themselves, and treat it as a useful and important experience, to draw conclusions and move on.
  4. Never compare yourself with others, only with yourself, but "yesterday you", so to say "rise above yourself."
  5. Get engaged in the business which brings pleasure, because what you like turns out better.
  6. Trying to help others more, even if you consider that the service is negligible.
  7. It’s always necessary to have an opinion and be able to defend - it's important. If you do not know how to stand up for yourself and your opinions, others will cease to notice you.
  8. Communicate only with people who can appreciate you.
  9. Paying less attention to the criticisms. Sure, some of it can be useful for self-improvement, but to respond to all without exception is just not worth it.
  10. Level claims must regularly lift. Such "progress" improves the quality of life and raises the level of consciousness.

Believe in yourself and in your strength, and you will succeed!

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