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​Child Psychologist:The Sphere of Interests

In between parents and children, the most typical situation is when parents project their desire on their children. For example, if the mother as a child dreamed of ballroom dances, but for some reason did not realize this dream, she is sure to put her daughter in a dance studio. No less rare are cases where a child's father played football, but sports career did not work out, he would certainly try to do everything to facilitate the football career for his son. Here are just a few of the children's parents shared similar ambitions.

Child Psychologist:The Sphere of Interests

Parental Vision

Treating your kids as your "own" the continuation is wrong, and sometimes it is fraught with "broken" children's destinies. Every child is a separate person, which has own aspirations, own set of specific qualities and traits, and of course, own sphere of interests, which play a decisive role in choosing a profession, and in general "place under the sun."

Children's Vision

What parents need to know about the field of children's interests? First, they vary with age. Sometimes in the dynamics of children's interests, there are some races that coincide with puberty. Significantly different area of interest in boys and girls, especially in adolescence. It is important to realize that the maximum educational interest of the child is formed in the early years, but despite that its intensity is large enough area of interest can change very often.

Of course, when it comes to quite an adult child, who already has some knowledge and skills that -it turns out better, something worse, something is liked, something is not very, in some cases, parents can define the range of interests of their child. And by understanding the basic principles of the interests of children, you can effortlessly monitor and make adjustments to them. But, before, direct interests of the child in this or that area, it is imperative to consult with a psychologist who can help pinpoint the tendency of the child and give necessary recommendations for their further development and use in the future.

Interests of The Child

It is not always possible to clearly define the scope of the interests of younger children. For example, at a certain age, a child may manifest great interest in collecting puzzles or constructor. During this period, the child begins to develop a certain way of thinking, starts to learn from small parts to collect something big, whole, perfect. This interest of the child should be encouraged and fostered.

Interests of The Parents

For most parents it is not difficult to "create" the sphere of interest for their child. After all, children respond positively only on what makes them feel vivid emotions. Boring, not painted emotionally uninteresting and so on images are categorically filtered in the child's mind. So if you decide to form in your child's interest in something, try to present it as a fun game, prepare bright pictures, create in the minds of baby bright eye-catching image of something new, and success is assured. At the same time, it is always worth remembering that the interests certainly have an impact on the development of personality, make more outstanding certain traits form the specific skills and experience will. Interests create personality, so carefully follow the formation of areas of interest of your child. 

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