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How To Strengthen Your Hair In Winter

In summer and fall hair does not need special care in most cases, because vitamins and minerals that come into our body with fruits and vegetables are enough to keep it healthy. But with the onset of the first frost, the situation changes dramatically. By late autumn, the body starts to run out of nutrients supply, which we so carefully accumulated during all summer. Add to this unfavorable external factors, such as temperature changes, hats, styling, blow-drying and so on and it will become apparent that hair needs help.

How To Strengthen Your Hair In Winter

How to strengthen the hair in the winter so that it could be as shiny it used to and, most importantly, healthy? Let's look at the advice of professionals on how to care for every hair type during frosts and cold weather at home.

Winter Care: dry hair

During cold weather hair is very dry and is in need of good nutrition, which will prevent breakage and protect hair follicles from falling out. Beauticians believe that perfect preparing for dry hair winter is the usage of different masks based on palm oil.

Palm oil itself is very useful for hair as it strengthens its structure and moisturizes hair, but if you add a few spoonfuls of broth burdock or chamomile, the mask will have additional properties and will strengthen the roots and make hair shiny. Apply this mask on your hair for fifteen minutes only, then wash your hair as usual.

Dry hair mask made from potatoes prepares hair for winter well. To prepare this mask you should boiled a few potatoes with their skin, cool, peel and grind, them, adding a few tablespoons of vegetable oil or sour cream. The resulting mass should be applied to the hair roots and distribute throughout. Cover the head with polyethylene and towel and leave for thirty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then rinse with cold boiled water with vinegar or citric acid. Hair will acquire a healthy glow and will not electrify.

Winter Care: oily hair

Greasy hair does not require less care than dry one during cold weather, because during this period the temperature drops and the constant wearing of headgear provokes the production of large amounts of sebum. Therefore, during this period it should be possible to take care of greasy hair and abandon the use of hot air and aggressive styling. And mask will help to strengthen and restore the greasy hair.

For oily hair a mask based on raw potatoes is very suitable. Several raw potato tubers should be rubbed on a fine grater and squeeze the juice, which will be the basis for the masks. In potato juice you can add any ingredients that are suitable for oily hair, for example, whipped protein raw chicken eggs, honey, decoction of burdock, decoction of calendula, burdock oil, flax seed broth, sea salt and so on. Keeping such a mask is desirable for at least twenty minutes, then rinse it with cool water with the addition of vinegar or lemon juice.

Winter Care: Mixed hair type

Probably a mixed type of hair suffers most in the winter as its roots constantly become greasy and it gets brittle and clotting. Owners of this type of hair are not to be envied, but should not become desperate, a little effort and the problem is solvable. For this type of hair masks are suitable: those which are used for oily hair are recommended, but you should apply the ones that are suitable for dry hair to the entire hair length. And some little tricks to neutralize the difference between greasy roots and dry ends, professionals recommend buying a shampoo for oily hair and conditioner for the dry one released only by one firm.

And let your hair remain healthy and beautiful all year round!

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