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8 Things You Can Not Abolish The Child To Do

Nobody would argue that the process of raising a child can not be complete without a moderate amount of bans. Because in fact, some thing should be forbidden for your child so that he or she does not harm himself physically, the other taboos should help the baby adapt to the society. But psychologists argue that there are 8 things that one can not forbid the child to do in any case.

8 Things You Can Not Abolish The Child To Do

1. Do something on his or her own

Of course, all parents know that it is much easier and faster to feed their baby than to give cutlery in clumsy children's hands.However, this way parents retard the process of upbringing and personality development. The child may not feel adult and independent, if he or she is not able to eat. Dirty clothes and hair are temporary things that happen until the kid does not hone the skills of self-supply.

2. Help

If your child has a desire to help parents, it should be encouraged, rather than discouraged with exclamations like "You're too little," "Leave it", "You will break it", "You will split it". There are the phrases that are the harbingers of the fact that in a few years you will wail with contrition that your child does not want to help you and does not want to do anything.

3. Drawing

Typically, mothers forbid kids to draw with paints or pencils, fearing that the child will soil itself and will stain everything around it. But thanks to drawing the child tries to show its feelings, as it still does not know how to do it verbally. Therefore, it is imperative to give the child the ability to draw from an early age. And if you are afraid of dirt and tainted clothes, paint can be prepared at home, with the contect of whitch you will be satisfied. After all the baby does not care what he hasin its hands hands: gouache or carrot juice.

4. Jumping, running, making noise, shouting, fooling around ...

While doing to the above listed actions, the child shows its emotions, relieves stress, throws energy. Of course, in some places such behavior is inappropriate and it the child shopuld be told about it, but in the house it can "stand on its head,". It is especially funny if parents support it and join it.

5. Conquer the playgrounds

Many mothers fear that their child might fall down the stairs, slides, swings, so they forbid it to climb the sports complexes on the street, instead of teaching their baby to do it properly and safely. After all, in such a way a child learns how to be clever brave and strong.

6. Playing with water

All the kids love water. Literally, it beckons them. Therefore, instead of a ban, it is better organize space for the baby where it can play with water.

7. Take fragile things in the hands

Let the kid get acquainted with porcelain, glass and other objects that can shatter or break. But this is mom who should stand by the child and tell it that it should be careful with such things carefully carefully and put them pack in the place it took them.

8. Express its opinion

Even a small child is an independent personality, which has its own opinion. Therefore, the opinion of the child must be respected from the early years by allowing the baby to speak and listening to him carefully. After all, as well as adults, children have their own needs and desires, they already know how to think, feel and analyze. And if the parents are attentive to the views of the child, they will be more likely to bring a harmonious and confident personality.

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