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Proper Care For The First Teeth

The first teeth start appearing among children aged 4 to 6 months and at the age of three baby's teeth are formed completely. That is, in the mouth of the child by the age three has 20 primary teeth. Caring for the baby's teeth should be implemented as soon as the first tooth appears, as this approach will save the first baby's teeth from caries and protect oral cavity from various inflammatory processes.

Proper Care For The First Teeth

The first hygienic procedures

As soon as the first milk tooth was dropped off, it will be a signal for mom to start the first oral hygiene practices for the kid. Such a procedure implies wiping tooth with wool, cotton buds, or a piece of gauze or a bandage previously soaked in boiled water. Particular attention during the procedure must be given to the transition area of the gums. So when the baby has a few teeth erupting, you must wipe the entire chewing surface and the area between the teeth.

The first child of the toothbrush

First brush child is special silicone massager, which is worn on the finger. It is equipped with special bumps that not only take care of the first surface of the teeth, but also helps to massage the gums.

Pediatricians recommend to get just two such brushes - one used for its intended purpose, that is to clean the teeth and massage gums at the same time stored in a carrying case between uses , the second - to give a child. At a time when kids are actively erupting teeth, they try to chew everything that comes to hand, so let it be pure silicone gum massager.

Once the child turns a year, the pharmacy must purchase this toothbrush for children in this age group. These are already equipped with this brush bristles, but very soft, so as not to injure the delicate enamel of primary teeth.

How to clean teeth properly first

Toothbrush for children who are 1-2 years old has a working surface that is very small, designed for only two teeth, so while brushing, one must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • First make 10-15 movements from the gum to the edge of the teeth and do not forget about the back area of the teeth.
  • After that, the same amount of movement should be "back and forth" one.
  • The make 10-15 circular motions on the outer surface of the teeth.

It is important to say aloud about the fact that you are doing movements so that the child remembers and catches it again in the future to do it on his or her own.

How to eliminate the pain of teething

Teething is often accompanied by pain. To help the child during this period, you can use the following tips:

  • Buy a special toy for child's teeth that is filled with liquid inside. If the pain is severe, such a toy can be put in the fridge and cooled a little. The child will chew it. And with cool gums the pain will be reduced.
  • With the same purpose it is possible to feed the child with cool food, such as yogurt or kefir. But the main thing is that the food should not be too cold, so that the child does not get sick.
  • If these methods do not help relieve the pain of teething, you can buy special gels to lubricate the gums in order to reduce the pain.

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