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How To Dress A Child In Spring

During the long-awaited spring many young mothers face the problem of how to put the baby to walk on the street brings only positive emotions, but did not cause colds or banal overheating.

How To Dress A Child In Spring

The basic rules of spring dressing for children

  • It is important to understand that a child's body to overheat much more dangerous than hypothermia. After all, wet body is light "prey" for even the lightest draft.
  • To check is not hot or cold if your child, you must stick his hand under the collar and touch the back, and not her hands, as it traditionally does most of the parents.
  • And the most important rule when choosing spring dressing for a baby is that you must rely on his or her age. Thermoregulation child's body is completely dependent on the age and activity of the immune system of the baby.

How to put a baby in the spring to 3 months

Pediatricians insist that the child can begin in the spring make the street already on day 10 after birth to twenty minutes, thus, it should be remembered that the body of the young child is not capable of thermoregulation. So, for a walk should be put on the child:

  • A disposable diaper.
  • The man or overalls of cotton. Required socks. For kids is better to choose light clothing without a pattern, so as not to dyes, which are applied to the fabric, do not provoke skin irritation.
  • Spring cap. If the cold and strong wind, you can wear two hats.
  • The envelope of cotton or fleece, depending on the air temperature.
  • Blanket fleece or flannel. If the heat blanket may not be useful, but if you suddenly will be a breeze, you can wrap the baby in a blanket.

How to dress a 3-6 months old child

After three months the children become more active, start spinning, looking around, they have to take your hands . Poєtomu desirable to get jumpsuit with a hood. The topsheet overalls must be made of a fabric not purged. Other rules of clothing, such as for children up to three months.

How to dress a 6-9 months old child

Already in 6 months old baby sitting on their own, so you can use the stroller, the baby looked all around. At this time, parents can take care of the first shoes for your baby. For a walk may need:

  • disposable diaper.
  • The man or body with cuffs.
  • Tights.
  • Jacket knitwear.
  • Coverall of windproof fabric.
  • Mittens, if the temperature is below 10.
  • Insulated jeans or pants.
  • Wool socks.
  • Booties.
  • Spring cap.

How to dress a 9-12 months old child

in this period, most of the kids starts to make its first steps as a result, they fall. Therefore, it is advisable to pre-purchase a replacement set of clothes for a walk. Another good buy in this period will be thermo-overalls. Such clothing is very light, does not restrict movement, do not miss the wind and keeps you warm.

Waterproof boots and warm socks this time of year is also relevant. On a dry warm weather should be easy to buy shoes or sneakers with good quality orthopedic soles.

How to dress a child of preschool age

spring The ideal solution would be for preschoolers acquisition membrane footwear and apparel, which not only does not pass wind and moisture inside, but does not let the heat from the inside . Membrane overalls, jackets and pants are very light, they do not hold down movements, so the baby will be active in any weather. But good parents know that children have to walk every day for at least two hours, in spite of the weather conditions. The only way your baby will be strong, healthy and active!

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