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Child's Adaptation During Vacation

In 90% of cases vacation with children passes not as mildly as was planned originally. The idyllic picture with tanned baby playing on the banks of the endless blue sea often remains inaccessible for one simple reason: parents do not take into account all the nuances of the child's body when changing climate. So, how to make holiday with a child bring only pleasant experience, not harming the health of the child and heis or her nervous system and fully relax with the whole family?

Child's Adaptation During Vacation

Features of Children's immunity during climate change

The main mistake of parents who planned to taketoddler ona a vacation with them is a selection of exotic countries, the climate of which is significantly different from the usual one. A vacation with your child should be chosen within your latitudes and Mediterranean climate zone should be great for it.

The second mistake of parents is a habit to be in a hurry. Even on vacation we try to take most of time.And for child's body it is not only wrong, but also criminal. A child can pass acclimatization for 12-16 days, while vacation usually lasts no more than 10-12 days. Thus, as soon as the baby started to get used to the new climate, he or she goes home aagain, and then the process of acclimatization begins. So do not be surprised by SARS, flu and bronchitis that await the baby after vacation. This holiday brings more harm than benefits, so a vacation should be planned for no less than three weeks.

Bathing in the sea on the first day of arrival is not advisable for the child, it is best to wait for a day or two until the child gets used to the new air and new conditions. Walk with the child around the territory, go around the neighborhood.

How to adapt the child to vacation

  • Food is one of the highlights on vacation, which can turn a vacation in the hospital. Change of food and water is always stressful, even for adults, and for a child it is a cubed stress. Therefore, in the first days of the child's need for eating, it is desirable to bring your own food to feed it with it. Strictly enforce the rules of hygiene, such as washing hands before eating, washing fruits and vegetables with hot water and so on.
  • Only bottled water should be drunk during the holiday.
  • Swimming in the pool with your child is highly undesirable, as the baby can swallow dirty water, which will cause poisoning or illness.
  • After bathing in sea water, baby needs to be rinsed with non-slated water to prevent skin irritation, dryness or itching.
  • Be sure to use sunscreen, even if the sun hid behind the clouds.
  • First child's stays in the sun should not exceed three minutes, and time can be gradually reduced to 20 minutes a day.
  • Do not forget that the child can get burned not only from the sun but also from the sand that is too hot for delicate baby skin. Therefore, you should take care of child's shoes and clothes for the beach in advance.
  • Before going to leave for the area with the climate change, it is advisable to have a consultation with pediatrician.

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