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Spring Vitamin Deficiency In Children

Spring vitamin deficiency among adults and children today is a widely anticipated phenomenon for most of people today, even though the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable iq quite common.

Spring Vitamin Deficiency In Children

As a rule, the spring vitamin deficiency is the logical consequence of such factors as:

  • Colds and viral diseases suffered during autumn and winter periods.
  • Depletion of vitamin and mineral reserves for the long winter months, as the immune system works in a more intensive mode.
  • Vegetables and fruits that a person eats in the winter do not contain large amounts of vitamins, as they are destroyed during prolonged storage .
  • Increased intake of vitamins and minerals by the body due to the need to restructure the work of all organs and systems in the spring.

The danger of vitamin deficiency for the child's body

First,  the problem of children's spring vitamin deficiency does not seem to be too serious. Because there will be fresh fruits and vegetables very soon, and the child will get a full range of necessary substances. But this is not true. The danger is that if the body does not receive vitamins for a long time in the needed amount, it turns on "economy mode" that is it comsumes a small amount of this vitamin. When vitamin begins to be ingested with food in sufficient quantity, the body is no longer able to assimilate it to the necessary extent. Thus, chronic avitaminosis develops, which, eventually, causes substantial damage to growing organism and becomes manifested as serious pathologies.

Beriberi Symptoms

Usually, vitamin deficiency can lead to a variety of diseases, such as diabetes or obesity, anemia and hypothyroidism. The most obvious signs of vitamin deficiency among children include:

  • Constant fatigue.
  • Weakness.
  • Apathy.
  • Irrelevan shortness of breath after physical exertion.
  • Reducing and, in some cases, increased appetite.
  • The skin gets pale hue.
  • Rapid pulse.
  • Sweating.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • The child may become irritable or tearful.
  • There is a headache.
  • The pain in the muscles.
  • The child loses a usual activity.

All of the above signs are the reason to show the child to a pediatrician, who can prescribe complex vitamins and minerals. It is never reccomended to accomplish selt-treatment of avitaminosis and take vitamins purchased without the prescription of a specialist because it can significantly worsen the condition of the child and cause the development of more serious diseases. It should be remembered that, for example, the excess of some of the B vitamins can trigger the growth of cancer cells!

Causes of vitamin deficiency among  children

  • The main reason of the child beriberi lies in the poor nutrition, as well as a violation of his regime.
  • The intensive growth of the child's body in some cases can be accompanied by a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, as the demand for them increases significantly. This process should be supervised by a physician, who prescribes the required complexes of  vitamins.
  • Children's immunity is very sensitive to the environment. If the child is living in ecologically unfavorable region, the need for an additional amount of some vitamins increases.

How to diagnose beriberi

To find out  which exact micronutrients the growing organism needs to get, it is necessary to hold a series of laboratory tests of blood. The doctor prescribes a treatment only after receiving test results. Even the expert can not understand  the lack of vitamin the child's body experiences without some tests.

Prevention of vitamin deficiency among in children

Prevention of vitamin deficiency among children is the organization of the rational, balanced diet. Which products the growing body neededs and in what quantities can  be told be a child nutritionist, which should be a compulsory specialist to be attended from time to time.

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