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How To Choose A Crib For A Newborn

Sleep among infants plays a special role in the development process, as the analysis and assimilation of information that the child has received during wakefulness happens during the sleep. Therefore, it is very important to create a comfortable environment for the baby to receive full sleep, including cool fresh air into the room, normal humidity, and, of course, comfortable bed.

How To Choose A Crib For A Newborn

How to choose the right crib for a newborn

Wide range of cots for babies can confound inexperienced parents. Manufacturers offer a crib from the simple to the super modern ones, equipped with wheels, lighting, built-in drawers and some other things. But before choosing a baby's bed, it is necessary to analyze your favorite model of cots in terms of safety.

Safety requirements for the crib for a newborn

  • Crib should not have sharp edges and dangerous bolts, on which a child could get hurt or pinch his or her finger.
  • A few years ago, pediatricians insisted that bed had to be made of wood. But since our time, allergiy to lacquer and paint, which covers the tree, occurs more frequently among children, so pediatricians offer a metal bed as an alternative for a healthy sleep. Many models are equipped with a special silicone tips that baby will gnaw when it will get a little older.
  • The side surface and the bottom of the crib should have holes to allow air to penetrate freely into the crib.
  • The bars on the side of the crib should not be too frequent, because the leg or the arm of a child can get stuck there, but they should not be too rare, too so that the baby was not able to push through the head. Recommended width is eight centimeters.
  • It is desirable that one wall of the bed is rented or dropped completely. It is not mandatory, but it will greatly facilitate the life of the mother, as a crib can be positioned firmly against the parents' bed at night.
  • It is desirable, but not necessary for the bottom of the crib to be omitted. The child grows up and the bottom will need to be lowered so that it could not fall out of the crib.

The crib or cradle?

Unlike crib, cradle is much smaller in size and is designed for the child to sleep in until the age of about three or four months. Cradle is specifically designed for the baby to feel comfortable, because it is surrounded by the maximum amount of heat, the walls are close and it creates a feeling of being in the womb.

Cradle is made of vines or hypoallergenic materials. Cradles are compact, they can be hung or set on special legs, which generate vibrations and the child can be rocked. The only drawback of such beds is that after the child will be 3-4 months old, it will be necessary to buy a crib, but little larger one. Therefore, parents who do not want to pay twice, can buy a larger crib that will be enough for a few years.

A good alternative can be a cradle, which usually comes with some models of cots for babies. This cradle is attached directly to the sides of the crib.

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