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How To Teach Your Baby Use The Pot

The question of when to start to teach a child to use the pot becomes one of the most important ones among mothers almost since the birth of the baby. And around this topic s a lot of different opinions and disputes occur. Some believe that it is necessary to teach a child to use the pot as soon as the baby can sit, others adhere to delaying this process at a later time.

How To Teach Your Baby Use The Pot

When to teach a child to use the potty

Delibarate delay in defecation and urination begins when the child is from 6 to 18 months olde. In some cases, this process can be faster,  for others it takes a little longer to start, but it ends when the child is from 16-18 months old in avarage. Of course, you can start teaching your child to use the potty since 6 months, but the baby will begin to consciously do it only after a year, or mo closely to one and a half or two years.

Stop scolding the child, if he or she does not always get to sit on the potty in time, or when  the baby categorically does not want to use the potty. As a rule, such kurtosis coincide with the first age crisis that takes palce during 11-13 months. During this period, it is desirable to give up everything that can lead to baby's negative reaction. Starting from 14 months baby stops the rebel and, most likely, he or she will begin to use the potty independently and consciously.

How to teach a child to use the pot quickly

  • Without a doubt it is much easier and faster for the children who have worn diapers a little to undergo the process of toilet training. But we should not despair if the child got used to constantly wear diaper. It is better to pay attention to some points and use the following guidelines that will speed up the process of habituation to the pot:
  • First of all, you need to give up diapers, at least for a while when the child is in house. The kid has to get used to new sensations, and to understand how the acts of defecation and urination take place without a diaper. At this time, the child begins to form a causal link between the calls to urinate and wet pants or puddles on the floor.
  • At this point, it is important to begin to teach your baby to use the potty. Thus it is necessary to see how your child's behaviour changes before urinating or defecating. The child may remain more quiet, groan, or, conversely, behave restlessly.
  • At the time of toilet training, it is desirable to leave the child without pants or tights, so that the baby did not have to take off his or her clothes before getting onto the pot, since it only complicates the process. The more a child is naked, the faster he or she gets accustomed to use the pot independently.
  • The pot should be left within sight of the child. Previously, the child has to play with it enough (to familiarize with it to the greatest extent).
  • Baby should be put on the pot with the words that explain why it should be done. The older the child is (14-18 months), the easier it is to understand the necessity of this process.
  • Whenever a child does not have time or forgets to use the potty, it is necessary to explain to him why it happened and to remind him about the existence of the pot. Exercise with a maximum of patience, do not be irritated, do not scold or scream.
  • After a child went to the pot, it should be encouraged. Praise the kid, pat one on the back, so that he got positive emotions.
  • The pot should be offered every time the baby wakes up or is going to go to bed and after he or she has eaten and drunk something.
  • At the moments when the baby uses the pot, the amosphere should be as comfortable as possible. The presence of strangers in the room can provoke a negative reaction.

Causes of failures during toilet training

There are several reasons that may hinder and delay in the process of accustoming the baby to the pot. These include:

  • Too early age of the child, that is when he or she is not ready (not mature enough) to use the pot.
  • The child is teething and this process is accompanied by significant discomfort. The child is naughty, the baby has increased body temperature, he or she refuses to eat, and so on.
  • The child is too fond of the game and can forget about his or her needs, that is to abandon urination for  a long time.
  • The child age crisis began (form 11-13 months).

Parents should remember that there is a certain age when a child should start using potty independently. For every kid that age is individual and depends on many factors, but it mainly depends on the maturity of the child's mind and patience of parents. You should not become irritated, if something does not work. Remember that  the child will learn to use the potty, but a little later.

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