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A Full Breakfast Will Keep Men's Health

Breakfast is a very important meal that helps maintain the body's energy for the whole day. It is responsible for overall health. For men, the breakfast is especially important, because, in addition to vigor of body and mind, it still helps to maintain good health and prevent the development of many cardiovascular diseases.

A Full Breakfast Will Keep Men's Health

The results of studies

Thanks to numerous studies of American scientists, it was discovered that men who ignore eating breakfast fully and have only a cup of coffee or do not eat food are thirty percent more prone to heart diseases than those who regularly eat in the morning. Myocardial infarction, the development of coronary heart disease, high cholesterol level, heart attacks form not a complete list of pathologies that afflict men who refuse to eat breakfast.

In addition, as noted by researchers, breakfast is often ignored by young, single men who work hard, lead a sedentary lifestyle, drink alcohol and smoke. Thus, these negative factors worsen the situation and increase the risk of heart disease.

Doctors' recommendations

  • Skipping breakfast is not recommended, especially for men. It will not only lead to excess in weight, which, doubtlessly will occur a few months later after the rejection of the morning meal, but will mostly result in health problems.
  • First of all, as a result of refusing from breakfast, blood pressure increases, risen cholesterol levels may develop diabetes. Also the risk of heart attack rises at times.
  • Even if you are not used to eating a lot in the morning, you can start with a light breakfast consisting of fruit, nuts and cereals.
  • It is not advisable to drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, as this drink irritates the stomach and may provoke the development of gastritis.
  • For some men, the ideal solution is to eat 25-30 grams of dark chocolate of a high quality for breakfast. Firstly, it improves your mood and energizes. Secondly, it leads to vitality for several hours. If a cup of strong coffee will cheer you up for a few minutes, then a piece of chocolate is able to extend peppiness for a few hours. It is known that bitter chocolate contains a toning agent called theobromine. By the way is not used at all in the white chocolate, and in the milk chocolate its amount is insignificant. Theobromine is more effective than caffeine, so dark chocolate invigorates better. In addition, nutritionists say that black bitter chocolate stimulates rapid weight loss, as it normalizes metabolism.
  • Thus, a plate of porridge, cup of tea and a piece of chocolate is the perfect breakfast for men, which will help to keep healthy and fit, and fill you with energy and vivacity until dinner.

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