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Men Skin Care Features

A wide known belief that a man should be a little more handsome then a monkey is now in past. Modern men want to look beautiful and tidy to be confident, successful, respected at work and in personal life. Today, the sterner sex is not an alien to all cosmetic treatments for face and body usually used by women, such as waxing, manicure, solarium, everyday beauty care and many others.

Men Skin Care Features

Men skin differs from women's one as it is denser, thicker, more elastic and oilier. And it is less prone to aging, but once this process begins, signs of old age are more noticeable for men then for women. In addition, men's skin is more prone to various inflammations and rashes. And it is always necessary to shave. Skin for men is his "calling card". It should always be neat, clean and pleasant, for both the men and the people who surround him.

Type of skin: determination

To determine what type of skin men has, he should wipe his face with a dry napkin after he wakes up. If it has greasy spots, the skin is oily. If greasy stain formed only in the center of the napkin, man has a skin of combined type. If the napkin is clean, his skin is dry or normal. Here is the brief description of the types of skin:

  • Normal skin: elastic, fresh, clean-looking, supple and velvety to the touch.
  • Dry skin: thin, listless, pale and scaly, with an insufficient number of blood vessels and prominent wrinkles, folds.
  • Combination skin: dry on the cheeks, oily in the central part of the face (forehead, nose, chin).
  • Oily skin: excessively shiny, has enlarged pores, acne, density.

Men need to take care of face skin using alcohol-free cleansing lotions, moisturizing and nourishing creams for the face, hands, body and lip balm. All cosmetics should be marked  as "for men's skin care". Women care products are not suitable for men, because men skin is different and needs different healing. In the men's cosmetics leavening agents that enhance penetration of nutrients to the skin are included. You should also select care products according to the type of skin and age.

Proper shaving

The most frequent, problematic and traumatic care for gentlemen is shaving. In order to make shaving process as comfortable as possible, you should follow these simple rules :

To choose the right razor is the first thing to do when preparing to shave. And a good machine for shaving is the one with vibration. Blades should be sharp.

Facial hair must be softened by steaming the skin. To do this, take a shower with warm water or use hot towel to wipe face.

Then apply a special shaving foam. Do not press hard on the shaving machine and make sure it only goes in the direction of hair growth. To get less injured and shave carefully it is necessary to properly do the job:

  • shave cheeks downwards from the beginning of hair growth to the chin;
  • shave to the direction of the neck under the chin;
  • shaving machine should be kept at a slight angle above the lip.

Wash with cool water at the end of shaving and apply lotion or balm after shaving.

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