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​MUSE for Erection Difficulties

A medicated urethral system for erections can be used to fix impotence problems. Will it work for you?

MUSE for Erection Difficulties

The medication is a little pellet which is fit inside the opening by the urethra. Applicator has a tube which has the pellet of medication. The tube is placed into the urethra. By pressing the button the pellet is released by you. The medicine is absorbed in the membrane lining the interior of urethra. Erection continues at least 30 min, but typically less than 60 min and grows in about 10 minutes.

Your physician may have you attempt this medication when you are in work. This permits the physician to see how good the medicine works, see if you can correctly use the medication, and check for adverse reactions, including an allergic reactiona or too long lasting erection.

How It Works

It loosens the muscles in the blood vessels surrounding the penis, increasing the circulation in the organ. This enables an erection to happen. The medication is added into the penis. How good it works can depend on how much medication is added.

Long term MUSE use can enhance the ability to get erections, especially in those whose erection difficulties have causes that are psychological.

It can be prescribed for ED that are due to mental or physical difficulties, or both. Short term can help increase self-confidence in those whose ED is psychological.

How Good It Works

MUSE is not ineffective, but its work depends upon the dose that is used. More than 6/10 men had successful sex at least once using an increased dose of MUSE. But small doses had smaller oarts of favorable outcomes.

Side Effects

They often minor and may contain:

  • Pain. About 1/3 of guys complain of light to moderate pain in urethra, that causes certain men to discontinue use.
  • Moderate harm to the urethra, like a little scrape that creates a drop of blood in the urethra.
  • Low pressure (unusual).

The MUSE system doesn't cause scar tissue or bruising, like injections can.

What To Think About

It is necessary to include the partner in the selection when contemplating MUSE.

This medication is more unlikely to work in men with blood flow from or into the penis severely reduced.

Partners of guys who may have trouble fitting the pellet or who have eyesight difficulties can be instructed the best way to use the products.

This medication can be used by guys taking medication preventing blood clots (anticoagulants), like warfarin (Coumadin, as an example).

When he ejaculates the medication can bring irritation to the vagina of the man's partner.

When this medication is used by you, your partner should prevent performing oral sex.

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