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How Beer Affects Female Body

It is believed that the beer is a man's drink, and this statement can be proved scientifically. Drinking beer for women, especially in large quantities, it is harmful. All the matter in hops, which is present in beer. Hops contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which, by their effects on the body resemble the female hormones. As you know, hormone imbalance that can result from frequent use of this drink, it is very dangerous for a woman's body.

How Beer Affects Female Body

The effect of beer on the female body

Scientists have proved, if the woman often uses beer in her body violated the natural hormonal balance, which can lead the development of a number of diseases. Of course, we are talking about regular consumption of this drink two glasses a year, not in any way affect the health. So, if a woman often drink beer, this can lead to harmful consequences for the body such as:


Female body is a very complex mechanism, which depends largely on the balance of hormones. Each month, a woman undergoes hormonal changes a few natural, any interference with this process from the outside, it is very dangerous. Thus, if the female body is constantly receiving phytoestrogens along with beer, it can cause hormonal imbalance, which in turn will cause infertility, menstrual disorders, early menopause.


Too much estrogen in the body can cause a negative reaction of the immune system that will be excessively active cell growth. In some cases, at the confluence of certain circumstances, including under the influence of genetic factors, these cells can degenerate into cancer. Most often, women who love beer, breast cancer, colon or rectum. Scientists estimate that the consumption of beer increases the risk of cancer in women by 45%.

Changing of behavior

is a known fact that men who frequently consume beer, over time, lose the ability to get an erection and fertility. Women, on the contrary, after drinking beer, become more active, open-minded, they have increased sexual desire. So often these women are looking for the satisfaction of their growing needs on the side.

The increase in body weight

as the beer - it is a high-calorie drink (one bottle of beer contains 250 to 300 calories), when it regularly use body weight will increase rapidly. It is not difficult to calculate that in two liters of beer contains a complete daily calories for an adult organism, and if you add to it, and traditional snacks that are usually consumed with beer - chips, crackers, peanuts, it is quite obvious that being overweight will very quickly.  

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