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Women Loneliness: Does it Worth Being Scared?

It is believed that from time to time the loneliness experienced by each person, no matter it has a family, loved ones and friends or not. And it is natural, because we are born and get out of mother's the womb with a sharp sense of loneliness and we find ourselsev in an unfamiliar world. Therefore, it is obvious that we experience this feeling over and over again. And this is normal, as the human life from the beginning to the end is a single adventure. We start and end our lives all alone.

Women Loneliness: Does it Worth Being Scared?

Women's loneliness: what is the problem?

There are many shades of loneliness that include slight sadness even in the noisy company, the complete absence of the loved ones, misunderstanding in marriage, and so on. But according to the modern society perhaps the most dangerous one is considered to be the kind of women's loneliness, when there is no man with her, when there are no children, when there is no one to give her tenderness, love and care. Is women's loneliness really so terrible?

It is assumed that when a girl becomes17-18 years old her surrounding starts to be keenly interested in her personal life. And after 5-6 years, when she has has diploma and the student life is over, the society always tries to het the answer to the question: "When you will get married?". This attitude of the society, willy-nilly, make young lady beleive that women's loneliness is something akin to leprosy, and it should be avoided at any costs.

For this reason, at the age of 25-26 years it becomes no difference for am women whom to marry, just to avoid social stigma of "old maid." It is even frightening to imagine what women have to put up with to cram themselves into the framework of public morals and meet all the expectations of society. Alcoholism, infidelity, domestic violence, lack of love and respect - and this is not a complete list of what women doom themselves to in an attempt to avoid such a "terrible" female loneliness.

Women who consciously resign themselves to such kind of life, in fact, do not avoid the loneliness itself. They just match their lives to the public "boarders" using quite dubious means. But in order to understand that loneliness is not such a terrible thing it is enough to ask the question: "Is loneliness that a person experiences being alone worse than the one he or she is experiencing at the moment?"

The second extremity is when a woman revels in her loneliness, or rather pretends that  she revels in it. The deliberate phrase " it is better to be alone that with anyone else" becomes a slogan of a woman that highlights her unique and unattainable-for-mortal-men status. But psychologists say that such an attitude to loneliness is just a defensive reaction, which is a dangerous habit. A human being gets used to everything, including loneliness. A long women's loneliness leads to depression, alcoholism, suicide.

Everything is temporary ...

Loneliness, like everything else in this world, can not last forever. The periods of loneliness must be treated such as, for example, the rain that pours through the window that is not dependent on our willingness or unwillingness. So even if you are alone, for whatever reason, it is temporarily. But even the periods of loneliness can be carried out with the maximum benefit for ourselves. Because right now, when you have some free time, you can start to do fitness, learn a new language, travel, spend more time with friends or visit relatives, to do something new, completely unknown or fulfil some long-postphoned dream! And if you look at women's loneliness from this side, there is nothing scary in it. In fact, At times it is even useful!

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